Save The Date For Engage 2012!

We have hard evidence that social media engagement results in a greater ROI!

Save The Date For Engage 2012!

ROE = Return On Engagement

Do you spend more time measuring and evaluating your social media ROI than actually interacting with your customers and fans? Then save the date for October 23rd for the Engage 2012 conference! CEO and co-founder of Socialbakers, Jan Rezab, will be in New York City to share evidence and hard data proving that higher engagement in social media truly leads to a higher return on investment. No more guess work or speculation; we will prove that engaging your customers in social media inevitably results in more money! Return On Engagement (ROE) is the new Return On Investment (ROI)!

Personal Invitation From Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab

Our CEO is on the road in San Francisco and he just couldn´t wait to tell you about Engage 2012.

Engage 2012 will:

  • Provide hard evidence that increased social media engagement results in a greater ROI
  • Have innovative keynote and guest speakers
  • Exhibit detailed case studies from companies in a variety of global industries
  • Launch our first ever Socially Devoted Awards Ceremony

Socially Devoted Awards Ceremony


During the event, we will also award the first Socially Devoted companies that meet the new standard of customer care in social media, which we introduced at the Le Web conference in London. Brands that have adopted a healthy Facebook dialogue with their fans and customers will receive a certificate if they have an open wall and respond to questions in a timely manner. Will you or your competitors be one of them?

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Attendance is invitation only due to limited capacity, but the conference will be streamed live, so that everyone can take part. Follow #Engage2012, our Facebook Page and Socialbakers blog for more details!

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