Article: How to edit your Facebook page

Learn more about adding profile picture, cover photo and other settings of your Facebook page in our article.

Article: How to edit your Facebook page

This is how a blank Facebook page looks like – not very pleasing – so let’s get started with editing it.

In the upper part of your page, there is an Admin panel, which we will overlook for now, but later on, it will be a very important tool to track a progress of your Fan page. Under the Admin panel there is a place to set up and edit your Facebook page. You can add/change profile picture of your Facebook page, you can add/change cover photo, you can add/ change the ‘About’ information and lastly, you can write a status, add a photo or a video, or create an event, add a milestone, or ask a question.

Profile Picture

Facebook Profile Picture is a very important part of your Facebook page. When people are searching for Pages, the Profile Picture is one of the first things they will see. So bear that in mind, when you will create your stunning Profile Picture. The Facebook Profile Picture is displayed in 120×120 pixels resolution and Facebook will automatically create a 50×50 pixel miniature that will be displayed along with your Page’s updates and is also displayed in the Facebook search results.

Cover Photo

Facebook Cover Photo is as much important as the Profile Picture itself. When people ‘like’ your Fan page your updates will be immediately posted in their news feed with your miniature Profile Picture. However, even if some user didn’t ‘liked’ your Page and somehow manage to stay on the link of your Facebook page, a popup of your Facebook Profile Picture and a Cover Photo displays.


Above, you can see an example of the popup of Coca-Cola, so you can see how important is it to select an appropriate and appealing cover photo, because this is what draws your attention the most.

Now, we will return to the upper part of your page, where there are tabs with four options – Edit Page, Build Audience, Help and a button to Hide/Show the Admin Panel.

If you click on the option “Edit Page”, more options of editing your Fan page will appear – Update Info, Manage Permissions, Admin Roles, Manage Notifications, Use Activity Log, See Banned Users and Use Facebook as…)


There you can select for example Update Info and you will be redirected to more advanced settings of your Facebook Page.


These settings will guide you step by step, where you will be filling in additional details of your Facebook Page. On the left, there is a menu of Facebook fan page set up where you can further edit your Fan Page – Your Settings, Manage Permissions, Profile Picture, Featured, Resources, Admin Roles, Apps, Mobile, Insights and Help.

Your Settings: This section includes posting preferences – whether to comment and post will be made by your personal profile or as the Page, and setting of email notifications.

Manage Permissions: In this section you can determine page visibility, country and age restrictions, posting ability/visibility, and whether visitors are allowed to post on the page.

Basic Information: In this section you can fill in the details about your Facebook Page like address, phone number, about, hours, email, and so on.

Profile Picture: In this section you can select/edit your Profile Picture displayed on your Fan Page.

Featured: In this section, you can manage pages you ‘liked’ as favorites using Your Fan Page and also for managing the information about the page owner.

Resources: This section is used to promote your page, use various social plugins, link your page to Twitter, and advertising.

Admin roles: You, as the owner of the page, are also an admin. However, you can add more admins, if you don’t have the time to take care of your own Fan page. However, note of caution, any admin can delete any other admin, so add only trustworthy people to admin your Faceboook page.

Apps: In this section you manage all of the Facebook applications associated with the page, including both default applications and any other you are using on your Page.

Mobile: In this section, you will find settings for using/updating your Page via Mobile.

Insights: In this section, you can find Facebook pages statistics. However, you can use this option only if 30+ people like your Page. However, it is a great tool that can help you figure out when is the right time to post something on your wall, what kind of content was popular among users and other features that will help you to measure your success on Facebook.

Help: This is where you can find any additional Facebook’s help.

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