8 Halloween Social Media Campaigns to Spook-up this Season

Every year, brands spice up their social media content to commemorate Halloween - the spookiest time of the year! This year we trick-or-treated for some of the most successful social media campaigns to highlight holiday best practices any brand can follow. Learn who did it best and get quick tips for your next campaign.

8 Halloween Social Media Campaigns to Spook-up this Season

Anyone who has ever created a holiday campaign for social media knows that finding inspiration is an essential component. Before you can put your pen to paper – or hands to the keyboard, you need to jolt your creative thinking to curate content that plays well on social media. Using Socialbakers Inspiration as our crystal ball we were able to discover the best-performing content across industries, within a few clicks. 

Here are our top Halloween content picks:

Food Network: Theme Up Your Sweet Creations

This BOO-tiful Halloween cake caught a massive audience on Facebook with over 140,000 shares and 71 million views in just five days. Food Network is known for posting hundreds of food recipe videos through their social media and they have probably created countless cake-making videos. The only difference with this cake was that they simply added a “ghostly” touch.


From Halloween posts of spooky cakes to unconventional cocktails (such as, bloody margaritas), Food Network’s Halloween social media campaigns have consisted of fun themes that always excited its followers. Use this season to enjoy the spooky-creative spirit and the more you delve yourself into the spirit, the more Halloween post ideas you can come up with. Luckily, there are free tools online when you want to gain some social content inspiration for your marketing campaign this season. 

Lush Cosmetics: Get Spooky Scary

Just a week before Friday the 13th, Lush jumped-started this season with a haunting sneak-peek of their Halloween limited collection. With a total of 3.9k interactions within two weeks, they were able to reach their audience organically with a thrilling post of a beautifully manicured hand covered in their featured product. 


Even though it’s not that common to think of face masks and bath bombs during Halloween, Lush created an eye-catching post to market their limited collection. Our AI was able to grade this post a solid “A” considering that it’s an organic reach and visually appealing that is consistent with their brand. Their strategy was simple – memorable with a thrill. You can establish a special connection with your audience as long as you keep your posts engaging or create a striking photo like this one.

Wish: Take a Step Away from Promotional Posts – Add a Personal Feel

Halloween is the time to show off your decorations, but when it comes to shopping, you are bombarded by flashy Halloween campaigns. Wish, an e-commerce giant, posted a homelike photo of a child’s decorated bedroom and it reached a total of 3.3k Facebook reactions in less than a week. There was nothing corporate about this post – no flashy discounts or promo codes. Just a child’s bedroom who loves their Halloween bedsheets (and their dog). You can be surprised on how relatable a post of a normal photo can be to a family celebrating Halloween. 


You don’t need a massive budget for expensive photographers and designers. Today, social media gives you the freedom and flexible to post normal photos where your audience can easily relate to you. Sometimes it’s good to take a break from promotional-feel and add some personal touches to your social media campaigns. 

Boohoo: Show Off Your Wicked Humor (With Memes)

If you think today’s generation can have a whole iMessage conversation with just memes, some companies are including memes in their social media marketing strategies. This UK-based online fashion retailer generated an organic total of 9k interactions with this cheeky Halloween post.


Knowing that Halloween is one of the best holidays for memes, you can overcome your creative-block and go through an endless holiday content search for memes to develop new Halloween post ideas. But first, make sure it aligns with your target audience and brand – this could be one of your new social media marketing strategies this fall season. 

Walt Disney World: Taking Audiences Behind-the-Scenes

Walt Disney World has taken a creative approach to Halloween on Facebook. In fact, their one of their best-performing Halloween posts received nearly 240,000 Total Interactions, outperforming all of their other posts for the entire year. The post was 100% organic which illustrates how strongly the content resonated with their audience. Just imagine what would have happened if it was promoted! 


Disney’s post was successful because they creatively took their audience behind-the-scenes, using a well-crafted time-lapse video. Their audience was able to see the fairytale land transform into a festive Halloween amusement park, right before their eyes. Of course, Disney always goes the extra mile to wow their guests with holiday decorations. However, this video allowed their viewers to see all of the hard work that goes into decorating one of the largest theme parks in the entire world. 

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TIP: You don’t have to be an amusement park to give your audience a sneak peak. Time-lapse videos are a great way to take your audience through a time-consuming process in seconds, which make the final result even more enjoyable. 

Hershey’s: Sinking Their Teeth into DIY Videos

We can’t talk about stellar social media campaigns without mentioning an FMCG brand – Halloween is their time to shine! Compared to other FMCG brands, Hershey’s’ Halloween post came out on top with nearly 10,000 Total Interactions on Facebook. 


Hershey’s smartly tapped into the popular DIY trend and created a short clip that demonstrated how their audience could turn their chocolate into a cute party favor. This is a perfect way to create marketing content that doesn’t feel like marketing. Hershey’s provides their social media audience with content that has value. As a result, their audience may just drop by the candy aisle for small Hershey’s bars to do crafts with their children or prepare for an upcoming party that will be complete with some batty treats.

Urban Decay: Calling all Ghouls and Gals

A popular trend among beauty brands has been to create Halloween makeup tutorials, which is a great way to highlight the seasonal relevancy of cosmetics while giving audiences content that is useful to them. Urban Decay, went on a similar (but different) path which earned them a spot as one of the most engaging beauty brands during the Halloween season. 


Tapatio: Sugar, Spice, and Everything Social

Chances are when you are thinking about Halloween brands, the Californian hot sauce, Tapatio doesn’t come straight to mind. Tapatio always turns up the heat for Halloween and finding creative ways to get their brand in on the conversation.


Tapatio had no shortage of spicy Halloween posts. One of their best-performing seasonal posts was pretty simple. The hot sauce brand creatively transformed their logo to fit a Mexican-styled Halloween themed logo – and their Fans loved it! What’s most more impressive? Their Facebook Fans were so taken by the logo they began to request T-shirts with the design. Tapatio listened to their audience’s’ wants and created a limited edition Day of the Dead shirt which could be purchased online.

The Takeaway

Like any holiday season, Halloween gives marketers tons of creative freedom which can help draw attention to their brand during the busy season. While some brands can draw a strong link between their product and Halloween, other brands don’t have it so easy. Nevertheless, there is tons of room for creativity here, as shown by these featured brands. Use the holidays as a way to have fun to get in on the conversation and take your audience behind-the-scenes.

If you know that your holiday content is a great fit for your brand, and you are hungry for inspiration be sure to browse through the largest social media content library – free!

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