Why Facebook can’t allow page renaming?

New administration interface allows to change name of your Page. However, there are some limitations.

Why Facebook can’t allow page renaming?

Facebook has recently launched a new administration interface for Pages. As you can see on the screen below, there is a possibility to change the Pages’ name.

New page administration

However, this option is available only to pages with less than 100 “Likers”. We highly support this “limitation” as it will ease the process of name change for new pages with only few Likers but most importantly, it will deny the possibility to change page’s name with bigger amount of Likers.

Below you can see administration of a Page with more than 100 Likers. The Name option is missing:

New page administration [2]

Why Facebook will not and cannot allow Page rename:

  • People could create a general page, boost a community on it through other pages, and then try to rename it to “Pepsi France” for example.
  • The system itself would allow a huge amount of cheating on Facebook.
  • People would get abused frequently.
  • Pages would loose their credibility and people on Facebook would less likely become Likers.

We thank Facebook for being strict and allowing Page renaming only to Pages with less than 100 Likers.

Thank you Facebook for protecting this!

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