Promoted Posts For Non-Fans And More New Facebook Features

Facebook is testing and introducing some new features, check them out to be ahead of your competition!

Promoted Posts For Non-Fans And More New Facebook Features

1. Promoted Posts for Non-Fans

Promoted Posts serve as an advertising option for smaller businesses (from 400 to 100 thousand fans), that enables them to reach more of their fans and friends of their fans in News feeds. The big news is that Facebook is also testing Promoted Posts for non-fans, which could effectively reach people that have not ‘Liked’ the Page. Sounds like a great way for businesses to expand their reach across the social network, but we’ll have to wait and see what user reaction is to this new ‘feature’.

These ads should look like typical page post ads in the News feed and labeled as “sponsored”, offering an option to Like the company’s page in the top right-hand corner of the post. Promoted Posts for non-fans are supposed to appear both on desktop and mobile.

2. Attach A Photo To Your Questions

Facebook appears to be testing a new format for its Questions application, which includes large photos that users can click on to respond. Here’s what it could look like according to the Known issues on Facebook page:

Communication on Facebook is becoming more and more visual as businesses realize that photos are the most engaging post type out there. By attaching them to questions, users will be able to visualize the questions and therefore respond better. The text should appear as well while “mouse-ing” over the sections, but users don’t see the results of the question until they choose an answer. Rumor has it that this feature will also be available for Facebook mobile.

3. Sponsored Results In The Search Bar

Sponsored Results were tested earlier in the year and now became an official feature. From now on, companies can buy sponsored search results, similar to sponsored stories. They will enable them to target users and have their results placed near related apps, pages, and places. This way, they can suggest things users could be interested in and if the users don’t like it, they can always click on the X button to hide the sponsored result and to tell the site why they don’t like it. But there should be a balance between organic and sponsored results ensured.

And have you also noticed the “top hit” result option in your search box? The results are usually organized by people, pages, apps, groups, lists or shared links and the “top hit” option seems to be trying to give users the most relevant result from among all the mentioned categories. Not sure how that will work yet, but we’ll keep an eye on it.

Facebook is really on it – in June, they added “search for people, places and things” into their search bar, encouraging users to search the web via Bing results. The size of the search boxes also seems to be increasing which could mean more space for advertising messages and effectively more revenue for Facebook.

4. View Your Subscribers

Do you know how many subscribers you have? Now you can view how many people follow your posts without Liking your Page. Go to your admin panel, the New Likes window has a “see all” option that will bring down more options, including subscribers and pages that Like your page. Click on their profiles and discover your audience to adopt an even more effective content strategy!

Facebook began giving users the option to add pages to an interest list to subscribe to content without Liking the page after rolling out Timeline for pages. But this feature isn’t very familiar or popular yet so you won’t find data about your page subscribers through the insights API.

5. Facebook Doubles Up On Trending Articles

Facebook is providing media with even more prominence in the News feed by stacking up two trending articles on top of each other. Do you like it more than when you had to scroll sideways trough the articles your friends have read?

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