The Twitter Take: Obama vs. Romney

We have reset our CheerMeter for the US Presidential election: who will become the President of Twittersphere?

The Twitter Take: Obama vs. Romney

As the US Presidential election gets underway with this week’s Republican convention, we have reset our CheerMeter to get in on the action. CheerMeter gives you a real-time view of the Twitter buzz surrounding both President Barack Obama and presumptive Republican nominee, Mitt Romney. Beware that not all tweets are positive and a mention in the Twittersphere can be criticism as often as praise. Make sure to read the sample tweets from the Twitter feed to get a better idea of public sentiment.

Obama vs. Romney in the Twittersphere

The U.S. election CheerMeter showcases multiple metrics including the number of tweeted mentions per hour that both Obama and Romney receive. This information is reflected in our speedometers, graphically representing the Twitter trends of each candidate. Additional data shows the number of mentions per day and the percentage change in this amount from the previous day’s tally. Trends are also shown in a graph from the previous several days just below the speedometers.

New Live Feeds From Twitter And Instagram

The site also features embedded live feeds from both Twitter and Instagram, which dynamically pull in content related to either candidate every couple of seconds. Visitors to the site can therefore see aggregated trend information as well as granular Tweets and photo posts.

“We’ve evolved our CheerMeter to shed some light onto the volumes of social media buzz about the two primary Presidential candidates and the upcoming election,” said Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab. “The graphs of the CheerMeter page showcase our ability to illustrate trends in real-time, providing visitors and pundits with the latest information on how speeches, news items, or policy remarks are received by social media commenters. By also integrating Twitter and Instagram feeds, we give our visitors insights into the political views of the average person, which we hope encourages healthy and respectful debate between both sides.”

To see who Twitter’s users are talking about this election, visit:…/cheermeter/

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