Facebook Mobile Hits 543 Million Users [Update]

With the Facebook Mobile application becoming faster, how fast is its user base growing?

Facebook Mobile Hits 543 Million Users [Update]

In May, the Facebook Mobile application for mobile devices had 488 million users. And by the end of June, it reached 543 million monthly active users. That represents a 57% Facebook mobile penetration from the 955 million strong user base.

Faster Application = Faster Growth?

The application has been often criticized for being too slow and unresponsive, but about two weeks ago, Facebook issued a massive update to its iOS app and it is now much faster and easier to use. Not to mention that iPads finally support Timeline and it looks great on the retina screen. Facebook for Android has also gone through a smaller update resulting in faster photo uploads.

Mobile Platforms – The Biggest Changes

North America continues to be the strongest Facebook Mobile continent with over 161 million monthly active users and South Africa, Nigeria and Japan still rule the ranking of the countries with the highest Facebook Mobile penetration. But check out the numbers concerning the penetration of individual mobile platforms! During the last quarter, Facebook for Android has grown the most in absolute numbers (22.5 million new users) and iPad increased its mobile Facebook base by 45%! Now that Timeline is available for iPad, it will be interesting to see how the numbers grow.

Facebook Mobile Infographic

Check out, Share and Like the infographic below and compare it to the results we issued in May.

[New graph] Facebook Mobile Penetration Of The 10 Biggest Facebook Countries

We added a new graph to our infographic today to show you how many users connect to Facebook though their mobile phones in those countries with the biggest Facebook population. The fact that such a high proportion of users access the social network on the go suggests that they connect to Facebook through several devices and therefore spend more time communicating with friends and their favorite brands. This trend increases the value of the Facebook user base to advertisers and should certainly motivate them to nourish their reach with an effective social media strategy.

The United States is home to the biggest social network in the world, so it comes as no surprise that they have the most users connecting through mobile phones – over 120 million mobile users representing a 77% Facebook mobile penetration in the US. The United Kingdom is catching up with a 70% penetration (21.7 million mobile users), although the Olympics last month in London had surely boosted their Facebook mobile base.

More than half of users also connect to Facebook via mobile in the following countries: about 68% in Indonesia (29.8 million member Facebook mobile base), 58% in Germany (13.9 million), 58% in Mexico (21.1 million), 54% in India (28.2 million) and 54% in France (13 million). Check out the following chart for details:

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