August 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Italy

August Socialbakers report brings you for the first time TOP Socially Devoted brands in your local country and explains how to use the Engagement Rate formula!

August 2012 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Italy

In this local report, you can notice a new section called Socially Devoted based on our new standard in social customer care. First we wanted to evaluate and rank brands by their Reponse Rates but then we realized that Facebook Pages that respond to 95% of 100 questions would score higher than the ones that respond to 90% of 10 thousand questions. That´s why we decided to rank them by the total number of answers, you can find the results by respective industries here.

To gain control over your social media performance, you need to fully embrace the metrics. Socialbakers Analytics PRO measures your Page´s engagement with fans using these two formulas: the Daily Page Engagement Rate and the Average Post Engagement Rate. We at Socialbakers see the power of social media analytics in benchmarking brands to their competition or the overall industry which is why we work with publicly accessible data. That´s why our algorithms don´t include metrics like the Post Reach which is visible only by Page owners and admins. Instead, they take into account interactions (Likes, Comments and Shares) and the total number of fans in order to enable engagement comparison between Facebook Pages.

The difference between the Engagement Rates is outlined below: the first one is based on the Post average, the other one is based on the total daily interactions.

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