Coca-Cola now #1 brand on Facebook!

Coca-Cola ousts Starbucks as the leading brand on Facebook!

Coca-Cola now #1 brand on Facebook!

As Facebakers monitors Facebook every day (and essentially our advanced technologies do that every hour), we are delighted to bring this news first. The battle between Coca-Cola and Starbucks for the place of the top brand on Facebook has been going on for the last couple weeks (see below the screenshot from our Pro Facebakers Analytics tool):

We would like to hereby congratulate Coca-Cola for achieving this big success! But on the other hand, Starbucks is still winning due to it’s local strategy (read our article: Brands should act locally on Facebook), and having millions of local, more engaged fans:

Coca-Cola has a global approach of having one central page and posting local updates, which tends not to function very well, as the community still tends to be a bit more global, not personal to your country, your location. We do suggest Coca-Cola to take the local approach, and maybe then win also with local engagement, which is an important key perforamance indicator!

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