Sneak Peek: The New Builder 2.0 Beta!

Get a sneak peek of our new Builder 2.0 Beta!

Sneak Peek: The New Builder 2.0 Beta!

Builder 2.0 Beta is an advanced page management system from Socialbakers allowing for multi-channel, flexibly-targeted, social media marketing campaigns across teams. The new version will see many improvements over the last, allowing even more flexibility and control over every aspect of your social media strategy, from managing regular posts to building entire complex campaigns. You’ll be able to schedule and stagger your content releases, optimising posts according to platform, audience and content. You’ll be able to monitor reaction and fine-tune your strategy for increased effectiveness; and while comparing yourself to the competition, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t and react as needed. With its advanced user rights management system, you’ll be able to assign posts and reactions to unique or multiple individuals and particular departments (eg. sales, marketing, technical support or customer care), managing the work flow across and within several teams.

Get A Sneak Peek!

Builder 2.0 Beta works with Facebook and Twitter as a suite of tools for companies and campaigns of any size and is a ‘must have’ for anyone that is active on social media. Apart from its amazing functionality, the dashboard is really slick and easy-to-use; have a sneak peak at the image and stay tuned for the launch.

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