CNN vs. Fox News on Facebook – Who wins the news?

They both belong to top News broadcasting companies in the US. How are they doing on Facebook?

CNN vs. Fox News on Facebook – Who wins the news?

In today’s Facebook battle, we’re going to focus on two America’s top News channels. CNN and FOX News are direct competitors at news broadcasting in the US. What we are interested in is how well they are both doing on Facebook.

Looking at the number of fans, these two are on a very similar level. CNN has been behind FOX News for quite some time. However, CNN started to pick up and with their bigger daily fan changes, it was only a matter of time before they reach and pass FOX News.

This happened in the beginning of November when CNN passed FOX News and is continuing its rise. CNN now has 1.419 million fans and beats FOX News (total of 1.392 million) by 27 thousand users. Below you can see the Total Fan Count for both News stations as well as the daily fan changes where the steeper rise of CNN is clearly visible:

Weekly Fan Changes predict that CNN will keep broadening its gap to FOX News and will take secure lead in this competition:

Another interesting thing, CNN posts on its wall much more than FOX News, however, FOX News has much higher number of interactions on its page. Number of Wall Posts made by fans is also in favor of FOX News with quite significant difference.

When we look at the pie chart of post types each company posts on their page, we see CNN focuses mainly on posting links (70 %) and statuses (27 %). On the contrary, FOX News posts direct videos on their page (53 %) and also statuses (42 %).

CNN took the lead and is now ahead of FOX News in terms of Total Fan Count. However, FOX News Page beats CNN significantly in number of interactions on their page.

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