Twitter Becomes More Visual With New Header Photo

Twitter has released new features for desktop and mobile, making tweeting a more visual experience.

Twitter Becomes More Visual With New Header Photo

When we published an article last week about some of the new features that social networks introduced for mobile users, we had no clue that Twitter would soon undergo even more significant changes than just the possibility of uploading pictures from its mobile site.

Yesterday, the social network’s CEO, Dick Costolo, announced new profiles for Twitter. You can now upload an all-new header photo that will represent your brand consistently across desktop and mobile apps for iPad, iPhone and Android. It looks much like the Cover Photo on Facebook’s Timeline so there have been passionate discussions about whether it’s not ruining the whole concept of Twitter being more text oriented than its competition. Others are happy that the network is following new media trends and shifting to a more visual profile presentation. The photo stream also got a more prominent position by moving up, getting its own box and increasing the size of the thumbnails. Plus, the stream is now available for mobile apps.

The Old Twitter Profile

The New Twitter Header Photo

The previous header has been replaced by a header photo that is not as big as on Facebook, it just spans the width of the tweets. Nevertheless it dominates the whole Twitter profile because it also includes your profile picture (avatar), your biography and contact details. All this info is centered and it’s written in white on a darker filter that covers the new header. It’s meant to look simple and clean but when you think about it, the Facebook Cover is so clean looking thanks to the strict guidelines banning contact information. Some could find the Twitter header distracting as it can include your location, contact details, website and biography (160 characters).

See for yourself and upload your own header photo by following these steps: go to “Settings” – “Design” – scroll down to “Customize your own” – select “Change Header”. The minimum dimensions of your new header are 1252 × 626 pixels. If it’s not working for you, be patient and wait until the new feature reaches your profile.

New Twitter Apps For Mobile Devices

The new Twitter header is interactive on mobile devices unlike Facebook’s cover photo. Your followers will first see just your header photo with your logo and if they swipe their finger to the side, they can access more details like your bio and contact information.

As mentioned, iPhone, Android and iPad now also have a new photo stream, right below the most recent Tweets. Twitter Followers can swipe through the stream with their finger to see the photos others have shared and tap on any thumbnail to view the photos full screen. The iPad app has been completely revamped including features like in-line tweet expansion and support for photos, videos and web site summaries. With all the mobile updates Twitter has announced, it has removed all third-party image services like yFrog, Twitpic, Mobypicture or Twitgoo. So from now on, you can only upload pictures from Twitter’s internal photo sharer. What do you think about all these changes? Are they for the better?

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