New Number 1: Asia became the largest continent on Facebook!

Facebook has more than 955 million users and 26% of its user base are from Asia. What are its prospects for further growth?

New Number 1: Asia became the largest continent on Facebook!

For many years, we were used to the picture of North America being the largest continent on Facebook. But since 2011, the U.S. position started to weaken. According to our statistics, U.S. growth began to stagnate in Q1 2011. From May 2011 until August 2012, the number of Facebook users in the U.S. increased by only 0.53%. Worldwide, Facebook continued to grow fairly rapidly causing multiple changes to its global face.

Not that long ago we reported that Asia became the second largest continent on Facebook. It was when Asia surpassed North America and displaced it to Facebook’s number three for the first time. Since June 2012, Asia increased by mere 0.43%, but apparently just enough to outgrow formerly leading Europe. Currently, Asia has more than 245 million Facebook users.

Facebook Mobile – guarantee of stable future growth

When the world noticed Asian growth for the first time, independent analysts doubted Facebook could take this growth for granted. But Facebook’s growing penetration in Asia didn’t stop. Much of its growth comes from India, Indonesia and the Philippines, which belong to the top 10 fastest moving countries globally. Additionally, Facebook started to succeed in Japan and South Korea where it gained on domestic social networks Mixi and Cyworld.

Another part of its success comes from efforts to translate and localize Facebook’s websites. But unless the content can truly mirror local cultures and offer relevant search and ad suggestions, the impact will be negligible. On the other hand, further and more stable growth stems from the increased number of mobile users. As we reported in our Facebook Mobile Infographic at the beginning of the month, Asia is the second largest Facebook mobile continent with more than 134M users. Here, Japan is responsible for most of the success. With 80% of Facebook mobile penetration, Japan belongs to the 10 highest penetrated countries globally.

China and Russia are the next countries that could bring more users to the Facebook platform. These two might be harder to get but a growing mobile fan base could help immensely.

If you want to keep up with the latest updates about Facebook’s growth, make sure to visit our interactive country statistics page every day!

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