Apple vs. Microsoft on Facebook: Does Apple win?

How do these two computer giants do on Facebook?

Apple vs. Microsoft on Facebook: Does Apple win?

Today, we’re bringing you the Facebook battle of Microsoft and Apple, companies that have changed the world of computers and information technologies like no other. How do they, though, compare on Facebook? Let’s take a look!

Not bad for a fruit company

Apple has an amazing Facebook fan policy. Just have a look at our Top brands on Facebook section at You don’t see anything saying “Apple” on the very top, but look a little bit closer. Can you see it? iTunes ranked 9th, iPod ranked 12th and iPhone is the 51st brand on Facebook.

Microsoft not far behind

However, Microsoft is pretty much keeping the pace. Let’s look at their 3 most popular products on Facebook. The communication platform Windows Live Messenger is 10th, right behind iTunes. Another Microsoft’s product Xbox is placed on the 26th place (which is between iPod and iPhone) and Windows places itself on the 86th position.

The companies themselves

If you tried to look for pages of Microsoft and Apple on Facebook, only in the 1st case would you be successful. Microsoft has its own Facebook page with “only” 173 thousand fans. Apple, on the other hand, doesn’t have a Facebook page at all. There is, though, an unassociated Community Page called “Apple Inc.” which has 256 thousand fans.

iTunes vs. Live Messenger

Yes, you could tell these two products have nothing in common. They are, though, the companies’ most successful Facebook pages and that is something you could consider a challenge. And they do have a lot in common if you look at the charts:

And here we’re presenting the daily fan change:

Excellent copies of each other, aren’t they? On the engagement rate graph, though, quite of a difference is noticeable:

To sum it all up, both companies focus more on their product pages rather than on their official company pages. If we combine fan bases from their top product pages, it makes over 18 million fans for Apple and over 13,5 million fans for Microsoft. Of course, most people are fans of multiple products so we get an overlap while combining these results but still it gives us a certain angle of comparison for these two companies.

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