Facebook Rolls Out Offers Feature For Brands

Facebook has released a new feature, enhancing the reach to your customers.

Facebook Rolls Out Offers Feature For Brands

Facebook Offers is a discount/promotional tool you create from a page that you own, which allows you to reach larger audience and address more potential customers. This feature will also drive traffic to your website and increase sales of your business. Once you create this Offer, it will be shared with people who have liked your page, as well as allowing them to share it with their friends. As soon as a person redeems your offer, it will be automatically shared with their friends on their News Feeds. This will enhance the claims and will further aid you while trying to reach a larger audience. This new Facebook feature will be an invaluable tool when creating viral content. Currently, this feature is available to all Facebook Pages with more than 400 fans.

How to work with Facebook Offers

To create your page’s Offer, go to your page, click in the status update box and choose Offer.

You will be able to specify how your fans redeem your offer. There are three options: in-store only, online only, or both in-store and online.

For in-store offer, you have the option of entering a barcode where you can enter, for example, a QR code. Customers will then come to your store, provide the barcode and claim a discount on one of your products. For redeeming online, you may include a link sending your customers to a website. (You can optionally add a redemption code to be entered on the site.)

To make an offer, you must create a headline, set an expiration date, upload a thumbnail image of the offer (should be of a square-like shape) and add the terms and conditions of the offer.

Furthermore, you have the option of limiting the number of people that can claim your offer. You can select one of the preset options (unlimited, 100,000, 10,000, 1,000), or you can create a custom number.

Before you rush to publish the Offer to your fans, you can preview it and set the budget for the offer. Naturally, the higher budget you will set, the more people will be able to see your offer. Then, a sample of your offer will be sent to your email.

Introducing this new feature, Facebook is providing business owners with an innovative way to reach new potential customers apart from Foursquare Specials, Groupon coupons and others.

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