Secret Social Marketing Tip: Celebrate Milestones

Oreo works as a great example of how a brand can organize a huge social Birthday party with a twist!

Secret Social Marketing Tip: Celebrate Milestones

Birthdays are special, especially 100th birthdays. The Oreo cookie looks exceptionally young for its age, but this year the Kraft food giant turns 100. “America’s Favorite Cookie” is celebrating the milestone in a big way. In addition to many international celebrations, the company executed a new “Daily Twist” campaign which displays the cookie in various creative expressions. From a rainbow crème-filled cookie honoring Gay Pride to a carved Elvis for Elvis Week, Oreo has developed an interesting and entertaining experience for its fans. Current events seem to be the focus of Oreo’s campaign as the brand even released a cookie carved into an iPhone 5.

For its 100th year, Kraft has committed to creating a new image featuring the cookie each day from June 25th until October 2nd. The campaign has sparked major fan reaction on Facebook and the brand’s website. The March 6th Facebook post announcing the 100th birthday has thus far received a whopping 57,548 Likes. The interactive birthday website allows fans to play games, post images and videos of individual Oreo experiences and displays Tweets and Facebook posts from fans congratulating the brand on the accomplishment. Honoring the 40th Anniversary of Atari’s Pong game, Oreo has provided a version of the game on its website for fans to play. The game is, cleverly, adorned with Oreo cookie “paddles” and a real-time scoreboard (an intriguing tactic for keeping fans active on the Oreo site, we’d say!).

Facebook users were talking about Oreo mainly after they posted the controversial crème-filled rainbow cookie honoring Gay Pride.

Oreo fans have responded by the thousands with cookie discussions and Oreo-themed picture posts. The festivities have fostered many brand-fan relationships, sparked much conversation and birthed a dedicated Pinterest community. According to Socialbakers Analytics Pro tool, the Facebook Shares on Oreo’s brand page has increased by over 4400% from the previous 3 months before the “Daily Twist” campaign began.

Clearly, Oreo has done a remarkable job implementing a very successful marketing campaign! Well done, Oreo! And of course, Happy 100th Birthday!

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