Get Your Market Insights For Free!

Grasp your regional and global audience demographics with Market Insights!

Get Your Market Insights For Free!

Our second analytics tool, Market Insights, is out of beta, ready for prime time and on sale. But if you’re already an Analytics PRO customer, you’ll get a free single-user, single-market license of this “must have” tool that puts crucial local market information right at your fingertips. If you purchase Market Insights as a stand-alone product for a minimum subscription of $200 per month, you’ll get two users and two markets, plus three pages of our Analytics PRO brand monitoring.

Market Insights is the most advanced Facebook audience analytics platform available for understanding regional and global audience demographics and interests. It offers detailed customer insights that can help you improve your social media targeting across local and global markets.

Need to find out if women in London ages 25–34 prefer iOS or Android? Market Insights has the answer!

With Market Insights, you can:

  • Follow your market over an easy-to-use dashboard that can compare up to 4 markets at a time;
  • Benchmark a specific market against the global market;
  • Easily identify your target market to optimize the effectiveness of your Facebook advertising;
  • Measure the return on investment on your campaigns and adjust accordingly;
  • Reveal the activities and interests of specific age groups, nationalities, and genders across markets, tracking their evolution in real time;
  • Find out family status, analyze gender ratio and penetration on Facebook across all demographic groups;
  • Find out who recently celebrated their birthday on any given day;
  • And much more…

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