5 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of The Week: Electronics Industry

These are the most shared Facebook posts in the Electronics industry, did you share them with your friends?

5 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of The Week: Electronics Industry

Most of us can’t imagine life without electronic devices and gadgets because we use them every day to connect with the world just like we do with Facebook. That´s why we decided to look at posts from the Electronics industry from September 24th – 30th 2012 and to evaulate the ones we shared the most with our friends.

1. Intel: Do You Have A Gamer´s Brain?

American technology developer Intel posted a picture explaining how the brain of a gamer works compared to non-gamer´s. For example, the frontal lobe controls judgement, but from a gamer´s perspective, it decides whether to raid together or pull a Leeroy Jenkins. Did you get that? Even the language used in the graphic is so audience specific, that it asks for a serious pro to get the joke.

Score: 13,315,652 Fans and 10,984 Shares

Socialbakers Tip: Try charachterising your audience with a nice visual. How would their brain function, what´s their style, personality traits, bad habits or addictions?

2. Playstation: Introducing The News PS3 Model

Launches of new products are always exciting, especially when they come with innovative features. Playstation introduced a new model of its entertainment system which is said to be 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the previous Slim model while providing more storage place. Plus it has a new modern disk tray, check it out for yourself.

Score: 24,443,237 Fans and 8,496 Shares

Socialbakers Tip: If you want to introduce a new product, post a video tour or a dedicated photo album just like Playstation. Capture and highlight its most interesting assets and take your fans on a tour!

3. Nokia: Having A Laugh

Nokia showed that it can laugh at itself. It thanked 9GAG for a funny picture it posted on its website picturing its old model raining on dinosaurs. It´s great when a brand is proud of its new model, but even better when it´s proud of its old model. Most of the fans agree by admitting that they still use the old one beacuse it still works just fine.

Score: 8,939,636 Fans and 6,506 Shares

Socialbakers Tip: You´re a brand but the dresscode on Facebook is informal so try taking your page less seriously and make fun of yourself.

4. SteelSeries: Out For A Mission

SteelSeries, manufacturer of gaming equipment, posted a picture proposing a different perspective on playing. Some non-gamers tend to say that gamers play because they don’t have a life. But SteelSeries say that it means the opposite – they choose to have many lives instead.

Score: 627,212 Fans and 5,483 Shares

Socialbakers Tip: Challenge stereotypes associated with your brand/industry and be sure to get support from your audience.

5. Samsung: Introducing The Ultimate Smartphone

Just like Playstation, Samsung also introduced its new product – the Galaxy Note II. But this time with the help of pictures from Samsung´s world tour in Seoul, South Korea. Models presenting the product, behind the scenes content, media presence, the speakers, the audience – all this pulls your fan into a rich experience.

Score: 12,874,457 Fans and 5,246 Shares

Socialbakers Tip: Take your fans behind the scenes and to places they can’t go personally. Tour photo albums are guaranteed to engage you audience.

As you may have noticed, all of the most shared posts of the week are photos. Do you need any more proof that the electronics industry needs to be visual? For more Electronics statistics, click here.

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