Social Marketing Tip: Target Or Gate Facebook Posts?

That is the question. Do you know the answer?

Social Marketing Tip: Target Or Gate Facebook Posts?

Not every post we write is relevant for every fan that we have. With Market Insights, we now know which of our fans are best to target our updates at and most likely to engage with our content. But what is the best way for your brand to make sure this happens? Which posts do we target and which posts do we gate?

Targeted Posts

No one wants to flood their fans timelines with irrelevant posts, but some subjects will still be of interest to users in other areas, so you don’t want to restrict the content completely and miss out on possible engagement. If this is the case, then you want to be “targeting” your post. So whether it’s a language or a location, you can target the update to your chosen demographic. However, if any of your fans were to visit your page, it would be available for them to read, engage or share.

Gated Posts

On the other hand, certain posts are even more specific to a fan group. You may have an article written that has been tailored to specific locations or languages. If you were only to target these, then you would be left with a plethora of similar articles on your page, making it difficult for users to locate other more relevant information. A gated post will allow only your chosen audience to see your content, both on their timeline and on your page.

Which One To Choose?

In the end, it comes down to just how specific your content is to your audience. If it is mainly going to be of use to one audience, but could still be of interest to others, then a targeted would be more beneficial for you. If it’s likely only to be of use to one group of readers, then a gated post would be of better use.

For a better insight into your fans, make sure to check out our Market Insights tool, to help you find the right audience for your content.

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