Cheers To The Top 5 Pics Of The Week: Alcohol Industry

This Bud's for you!

Cheers To The Top 5 Pics Of The Week: Alcohol Industry

When you think about it, which industry couldn’t be more social on Facebook than the alcohol industry? Its pages probably have a huge party every day with all the Likes, Shares and Comments anticipating and precipitating free time and fun! We looked at all the pages from October 1st – 7th 2012 to bring you the top five alcoholic posts with the most Likes! And surprise – all of them come from Budweiser and Bud Light from the Belgian-Brazilian beer conglomerate Anheuser–Busch, InBev. And less surprisingly, all of them are visual content!

Get inspired by Facebook tips that can not only work for the alcohol industry but can also be applied generally to any page or industry out there in the social network.

1. Bud Light: Do It Your Way

The Bud Light Facebook Page celebrated reaching five million fans yesterday! You can tell that its community is pretty strong, because most of the content is provided and posted by fans just like the picture below. The Page makes this a ritual by marking all these visuals with a blue ribbon carrying their name. Drinking beer is obviously often associated with watching a game so no wonder that a throne made out of Bud Light boxes got the most Likes in the past week.

Score: 4 870 926 Fans, 103 914 Likes

Tip: Try creating a ritual for your fans as well! Not only will they feel a sense of belonging to your community, you could gain some valuable insights into your own products. You may be surprised by your fans’ creativity and all the ways they use your product/service – and that can serve as an innovation trigger for your company!

2. Budweiser: Does Your Product Feel Like Home?

Fast moving consumer goods have the invaluable advantage of being consumed every day. This way, people can build a relationship with them, associate them with special moments of their life, include them in their lifestyle and create stories. Budweiser knows that it can rely on emotions, which is why it posted a picture of an open refrigerator packed with beer saying “welcome home”. Home is where we feel most comfortable the brand is trying to say.

Score: 3 381 448 Fans, 71 034 Likes

Tip: Try stocking your products in a visually attractive way

3. Bud Light: If You Want A Story, Your Products Need To Have A Life

Could this be another photo from a fan? Whoever captured the moment, it just expresses the pure joy of having a beer and relaxing while watching a game with friends. Beer is a very social product and friends tend to take pictures of moments spent together so there’s no easier storyline. A beer should have a social life as well.

Score: 4 986 992 Fans, 62 959 Likes

Tip: Photos of your product in different or unusual situations will make you look more accessible. Your product shouldn’t only sit on the shelves – if it wants to have story, it needs to have a life!

4. Bud Light: Get Your Fans Excited!

It’s Friday today, so you probably understand why this post has been Liked so much. Weekends are the time when we can relax, be ourselves and enjoy products we love. This photo serves as a reminder that the weekend is approaching and that Bud Light should be a part of it. And again, the tandem bicycle expresses the social aspect of beer. Here we go!

Score: 4 924 671 Fans, 44 779 Likes

Tip: Anticipate weekends, special events or holidays with your fans to get them excited! If you can get them to associate the weekend or the holidays with your product, you will win loyal (and regular) customers!

5. Budweiser: Take Your Product To A New Level

Bottles with the old Budweiser label sitting on the roof and waiting for the sun to come down… yes, we can see why it got over 41 thousand Likes. It should get you in the right mood for a Friday.

Score: 3 348 247 Fans, 41 371 Likes

Tip: Get your fans into the right atmosphere and don’t forget it’s the presentation that sells, so make sure the photo is high quality and creative. And as you can see, less is sometimes more.

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