2011 will be the year of the Facebook first strategy

We see a lot of predictions out there for 2011, so we would like to share some of our thoughts with you as well.

2011 will be the year of the Facebook first strategy

2010 was a breakthrough for Facebook in most countries in the world, and this will continue in 2011. One thing that we will see more of in 2011 will be a Facebook-first digital strategy. By that we mean we will see more and more companies go for a brand strategy on Facebook first, before creating a website.

Socialbakers is run by Candytech, a Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant, and Candytech has already received many briefs for 2011, in which Facebook is not only the dominant place for advertising, but as well the only place for companies marketing strategies.

In 2011, we hope to bring you many examples of companies taking a Facebook first approach.

We do look forward to 2011 a lot, it will be a very busy year for all of us. Let`s stay tuned in, and please, stay tuned on Socialbakers.

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