Socially Devoted Brands Increase Response Rate To 48.1% [Infographic]

A few months ago we started the conversation on social media customer care. Now we can see results...

Socially Devoted Brands Increase Response Rate To 48.1% [Infographic]

Earlier this year, we conducted a study to find out how brands are leveraging social media to improve their customer care. The results have revealed that a shocking 25% of Facebook pages had closed walls and that page admins ignored 70% of the questions they received. That’s why we decided to step in and start the conversation on social media customer care with “Socially Devoted”, a new standard and benchmark for brands across all industries.

How Brands Became More Socially Devoted

Over the last few months we challenged brands worldwide to open their Facebook walls to a productive dialogue, to respond to at least 65% of the questions received and to do so as fast as possible. We have been awarding successful companies with a certificate to provide them with a competitive advantage and give a sense of fulfillment to their social media management teams. A few months of devotion later, we can already see results!

Our new study from September noticed a shift in social customer care, it revealed that 48.1% of customer queries are now addressed by the companies surveyed as opposed to only 30% just last June. That’s a 60% increase which implies that social media managers are realizing that only productive dialogues with their fans can deliver the ROI they expect from the social network.

The Airlines Industry Surpassed Socially Devoted Telecom

The great news is that most industry sectors improved their Socially Devoted status! Brands from the airline industry have been responding to most of the questions posted to their Facebook walls and have so proven to be more devoted to their fans than telecom pages. Indeed, airlines have improved by 26% compared to the figures from June, but the biggest shift reward would go to the alcohol industry with a nearly 500% net increase in Response Rate! “Companies across diverse industry sectors are realizing the value of a Socially Devoted strategy,” says Socialbakers CEO, Jan Rezab. “The early adopters of this model have demonstrated how social media outreach can improve customer perceptions and deliver ROI, and this may have inspired more businesses to adopt the Socially Devoted model.”

Facebook Shouldn’t Be The Only Customer Devoted Platform

While it’s important for companies to respond to feedback quickly and engage with fans on Facebook, Jan Rezab also notes that truly Socially Devoted companies tend to engage customers on other social media platforms, like Twitter, and on customer service platforms like live chat, leveraging multiple communication tools to connect. As social media takes a more central role as a communication tool, customers expect interaction, and companies that ignore that trend not only lose out on an opportunity to build positive relationships, but can project an unresponsive image that can hurt sales.

Follow The Conversation At The Engage 2012 Conference

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