Facebook Introduces Global Pages, Adding Toes to Brands’ Global Footprint

Facebook just announced “Global Pages”, which resolves three, seemingly mutually exclusive problems international brands have faced using the social network.

Facebook Introduces Global Pages, Adding Toes to Brands’ Global Footprint

The first is local relevance. Brands with a global footprint needed to appeal to a lowest common denominator for their marketing campaigns, generalizing their content for a world audience, losing local relevance and missing local or regional opportunities as a result.

The second is brand consistency. To get around the first issue, many brands created localized or region and language-specific pages. This is harder to manage and metric and runs the risk of diluting a brand’s image across markets.

The third is split communities. Brands with multiple pages had split communities, defeating the purpose of being a global brand with a global reach.

With “Global Pages”, these issues are resolved by merging local pages with localized material into a single global page, with a single URL that behaves differently in different markets. The single URL can be used globally, streamlining campaigns; users will be automatically directed to the best (most relevant) version of the Page for them. The pages will still have local metrics in addition to global stats, allowing you to monitor the performance of individual markets while maintaining a consistent brand identity.

According to Facebook: “Facebook users will be directed to the best version of a Page based on the country those users are in, enabling them to see localized cover photos, profile photos, Page apps, milestones, “about” information, and news feed stories from Pages – all the while remaining a part of the global brand community.” This results in the best of both worlds, resolving and reconciling all three issues at once. They continue, “This structure works for brands that historically have managed one single Page with geo-targeted page posts, as well as for brands that have managed multiple, country-specific Pages.”

Needless to say, we’re very excited about this at Socialbakers.

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