Socialbakers Market Insights is launched – revolution in measuring Facebook pages

Socialbakers launches a new, long-awaited technology. Be able to measure entire market sectors on Facebook within clicks!

Socialbakers Market Insights is launched – revolution in measuring Facebook pages

We at Socialbakers specialize in monitoring the Facebook platform. We monitor everything from country statistics to Facebook page statistics. You might be already familiar with our Socialbakers Page Analytics, which allows you to monitor Facebook pages in terms of fan growth, fan engagement, what posts work or don`t work for you, and measure all of that in terms of your defined competition.

Defining competition is sometimes tough, so we took the time to prepare different sectors in about 30 different countries that correspond with the same ones we use in the Top brand pages on Facebook. This means Socialbakers Insights is ultimately the #1 tool on the market, where you can compare your Facebook page in real context – of your actual market, for example FMCG in France, or Automobile in Germany.

Imagine a tool which would monitor for example the mobile providers in your country, or even important fashion brands globally! What’s more, you can even compare your brand page within the selected market sector and quickly see what your position is on Facebook towards your competition.

Socialbakers Market Insights will allow you to see of all these information and therefore will allow you to monitor the entire markets on Facebook.

Key features of Socialbakers Market Insights

  • Monitor entire market sectors on Facebook
  • Compare your page within the chosen market sector
  • Analyze performance of your page and your competitors
  • With custom newsfeed you never miss any important post within your market sector

Here is a brief preview of our tool:

Custom leaderboard:

Interactive outcomes:

Dynamic comparisons:

We will be revealing more exciting features in the near future so make sure to check Socialbakers website for updates!

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If you want to learn more about Socialbakers Insights, check out our Webinar, that is on this Friday from: 3 pm Central European Time, 2 pm UK/London time, 9 am New York time.

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