Epic Jump Gives Red Bull Wings In Social Media

The Red Bull team broke the speed of sound but did it also break a record in social media?

Epic Jump Gives Red Bull Wings In Social Media

Do you know who Felix Baumgartner is? You probably do because he descended 128 000 feet from a stratospheric balloon, making a breathtaking jump at the speed of 1,342 km/hour before parachuting to the ground. On October 14th, Felix broke the speed of sound and his Red Bull Stratos team made it into history books as well as into social media case studies. The mission to not only set a new record in skydiving, but also to test human limits and provide medical and scientific advancements for the future was accomplished. Now it’s up to us to see if Red Bull has been successful in engaging its audience across YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

YouTube: Red Bull’s Subscriber Growth Sky Rocketed

The live stream of the event has been viewed by over 8 million people on YouTube and according to Analytics PRO, it had significant impact on the growth of the Red Bull channel’s total subscribers. While it reached an average of 2,142 subscribers per day in the first week of October, it had a turbulent increase on October 10th, when the attempt was cancelled due to bad weather conditions and, on the 14th the day the jump was successful, the channel gained an unbelievable 87,801 subscribers. Bear in mind that people subscribe to a channel because they are seriously interested in the content it offers, which makes it even more valuable.

Facebook: A Record Jump, Record Engagement

Fans could monitor all the details of Felix’s jump on Red Bull’s Facebook Page and on the dedicated Red Bull Stratos Facebook Page. One of them has generated more engagement, which one do you think it was? Yes, the Stratos page posts generated more than 900 000 interactions on the day of the jump including over 83 000 shares. By posting a photo capturing Felix right after landing, they reached an average post engagement rate of an amazing 19,3557%. The official Red Bull Page received slightly less on October 14th with 740 000 interactions.

This photo received over 21 000 Comments, 51 000 Shares and over 489 000 Likes.

Does The Post Engagement Correlate With The Post’s Reach?

When you analyze data you often wonder, “Does the Post Engagement correlate with the post’s Reach?” We believe it does! From our experience, the reach is approximately 100× larger than the number of the interactions generated by the post. This means that when a post from a brand attracts 100 interactions, it reaches approximately 10,000 users. In the case of Red Bull’s most engaging post, we believe it might have reached up to 50 million users; a far greater amount of users than actual fans. On the other hand, our 1:100 ratio works mainly with branded posts in standard situations. In the case of such an extraordinary event we can only speculate.

Twitter: @redbullstratos Got The Attention It Deserved

When analyzing the jump’s social media performance on Twitter, we decided to focus on the total number of mentions – the sum of all tweets mentioning the profile’s handle. According to our data, the official Red Bull (@redbull) profile received mentions slightly below its daily average, but @redbullstratos got the attention it deserved with over 20 000 mentions during the day of the jump and the following day (October 14th – 15th).

As you can see, a huge record-breaking event like this can drive massive engagement and new fans to your social profiles. If you decide to organize one yourself, sign up for a free 14-day trial with Analytics PRO for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to monitor and effectively evaluate your social media performance. It will provide you with valuable insights into the right timing of your posts, your most engaging post types, content and much more; not to mention that you can benchmark your performance to your competition and adjust your social strategy accordingly.

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