Mobile Brands And Bad Piggies Dominate YouTube Top 10

Socialbakers presents the most popular YouTube videos in the last month. Did you see them?

Mobile Brands And Bad Piggies Dominate YouTube Top 10

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million… views! So many great things are being shared across social networks these days that we decided to provide you with the ranking of the top 10 most viewed videos in the last month (September 15th – October 15th 2012). Samsung Mobile, Rovio Mobile, Red Bull and Old Spice made it in several times which comes as no surprise considering that these brands belong to the channels with the most uploaded video views according to our YouTube statistics for brands.

1. Samsung Mobile Introducing Galaxy Note II

Samsung Galaxy Note II is entering the markets. This eight minute video plays music similar to the one in call operating centers but it does well in introducing all the innovative features it’s meant to deliver to its customers. The “phablet” is especially designed to organize and manage creative ideas and you can tell that it’s much anticipated. The video was published on YouTube on October 5th and since then has had 14 428 834 views!

2. Rovio Mobile Created The Piggest Game Ever

Rovio Mobile, the creators of the famous Angry Birds, claim that they have created the “piggest game ever”. On September 18th, they released the trailer to the new game called Bad Piggies and over 7 million have already checked it out. Will you join the flying craze?

3. The Red Bull Free Human-Powered Running Machine

The Red Bull channel is constantly uploaded with adrenalin-releasing and surprising performances and this human-powered running machine video is no exception. German free runner Jason Paul and his Team Farang took simple tasks and performed them in a complex and oversized manner in an abandoned factory in Hamburg. It became so viral thanks to all the stunts that set off chain reactions, including leaping off upright shipping containers that fall like dominoes, and jumping out of a moving convertible.

4. Old Spice Can Mix Business And Pleasure

Old Spice is known for its outrageous and out-of-the-box commercials and this video does them justice. Greg Jennings, a professional American football player, is seemingly reading a book in bed next to his lady, but when the camera zooms out, you will burst out laughing realizing that he is actually on the football field running with the bed around his waist to disprove the following myth: “A wise man once said: never mix business with pleasure. But when you use Old Spice Champion, mixing business with pleasure is nobody’s business.” Check it out for yourself; it has almost 4 million views now.

5. Rovio Mobile: May The Birds Be With You

And here we go again! Games developed by Rovio Mobile are unstoppable! On November 8th, the Angry Birds and Star Wars universes will collide in a new game claimed to be the best one to date. May the birds and the 3.7 million views be with you.

6. Samsung Presenting Galaxy Note 10.1 In A Different Light

Samsung gave renowned artist and toy designer, Tristan Eaton, a Galaxy Note 10.1 to see how he would incorporate it into his art and life. This strategy proves to be very effective because people can see not only the tablet’s features, but also how they can be implemented in their everyday life. The video had 3,393,438 views since September 20th when it was first shared on YouTube.

7. Iphone 5 Designed To Fit Your Hand

The iPhone 5 introduced a bigger screen but still claims to be the perfect size for everything – including your thumb. The video asks: is it a coincidence or common sense? See for yourself here. This “thumb commercial” has been viewed 2,374,313 from September 21st when it was published.

8. The PlayStation Peacock Dance

“Are you peacocking now?” Even if you are not a Playstation fan, you should watch this video just for the fun of seeing a grown up man do the peacock dance. It seems that guys have their special winning rituals and dances. The main message is that the console quality gaming is so good that you can play like you do at home. This video has been viewed 2,266,526 since September 17th; watch it like you were at home.

9. This Is A Pair Of Levi’s

This is a commercial you either hate or love, with probably nothing in between. It’s based on a poem that wants you to believe that Levi’s isn’t only about looking good but mainly about doing good. Does this video or wearing any specific fashion brand make you feel that you can make a positive difference in the world? This ad could have made a difference 2,256,425 times since October 4th when it was published by the Levi’s YouTube channel.

10. Rovio´s Bad Piggies Cinematic Trailer

If watching the Bad Piggies game tutorial wasn’t enough, you can watch this film trailer-like video. It has reached 2,205,676 since September 17th.

Will Felix Baumgartner, Red Bull’s hero who broke the speed of sound while jumping from the edge of space or the CEO of feminine hygiene products, Bodyform, responding to a Facebook post by dispelling the myth of a woman’s period make it to next month’s ranking of the most viewed YouTube videos? Stay with us to see.

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