Watch It Live: ROE Proven! Engagement Correlates With Reach

We have hard data proving that higher engagement in social media leads to a higher return on investment!

Watch It Live: ROE Proven! Engagement Correlates With Reach

No more guess work or speculation; engaging your customers in social media naturally results in more money. Return On Engagement (ROE) is simply the new Return On Investment (ROI)! And here’s why: Engagement correlates with reach! Watch our CEO, Jan Rezab, as he presents the news in more detail at Engage 2012. Live broadcast starts at 10am EST at

Increase Your Engagement To Reach More Fans

As you can see, the higher your Engagement Rate, the higher your reach, which can ultimately translate into more paying customers. While you can reach only 10% of Facebook users with a lower Engagement Rate than 0.01%, you can reach more than 30% by obtaining an Engagement Rate higher than 0.1%. And that’s just a question of choosing the right content strategy that will drive your fans to interact with your posts and spread the word about your business to other potential fans and customers.

85% of the Most Engaging Posts are Photos

Most brands on Facebook choose to publish photos (they constitute 53% of all posted unpaid content), links (21%) and updates (15%), which has proven to be an effective practice to generate the most interactions (Likes, Comments and Shares) and reflects the most engaging content. When gathering the most engaging (unpaid) posts during Q3, we found that 85% of them were photos, 7% links, 5% status updates and 3% were videos. So to increase your engagement, try posting more photos to increase your reach and impact on Facebook. But don’t forget that your posts can reach more fans at a certain point in their life cycle – to find out more watch our CEO talk about it at the Engage 2012 Conference held today at 10 AM EST in New York and live-streamed worldwide.

The Automobile Industry Drives The Most Engagement

Some industries find it easier to engage their audience than others. Automobile brands dominate the ranking (0.273%) followed by the fashion (0.189%), beauty (0.187%), FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) (0.173%) and airlines (0.172%) industry. The Rolls Royce Motor-Cars Facebook Page posted the most engaging post in the last three months: “This trio of Phantom Drophead Coupés had quite an eventful weekend. Did you spot them anywhere?” The photo accompanying this question generated a 5.7386 % Engagement Rate and reached an estimated 174 117 users. That’s a nice result considering the page has about 580 thousand fans.

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