Top 10 Most Socially Devoted Countries in Q3

When we started to talk about social media customer care on Facebook, we measured the performance of brands, industries and countries as well.

Top 10 Most Socially Devoted Countries in Q3

We already brought you new Q3 results for Socially Devoted industries, brands and now it’s time to look at nations with the best social attitude towards their customers and fans on Facebook. All countries ranked in the Q3 list received at least 10,000 questions in the period from July-September 2012.

North Europe continues to be Nr. 1 in Social Customer Care!

The results of our Q2 study showed that Norway was the most Socially Devoted County. In Q2, Norwegian Facebook brands received ~13 thousand questions, out of which 87% were responded to. A few months later, Norway was not only able to secure the number 1 position again, but it also improved its response rate to 88%! In Q3, Norway responded to 14,613 questions out of total 16,561 posted on their brands’ Facebook walls. The second most Socially Devoted country in Q3 is the Netherlands, which improved by 10% and reached an incredible 84% Response Rate. This is well deserved since the world’s most Socially Devoted Airline brand, KLM, comes from the Netherlands.

Interestingly, Argentina in Q3 received fewer questions (23,400 as opposed to 24,000 in Q2), but was able to address 72% of them.


More European countries became Socially Devoted in Q3

We noticed very positive Q3 results for other European countries, many of which underperformed in Q2. In particular, we are pleased with Germany, which increased its Response Rate by 11%. The next biggest net improvement was shown in Poland, 9%, followed by the United Kingdom and France. Both countries increased their Response Rates by 7% when compared to the results reported in June 2012. Spain improved by only 5%.

For more information about the Socially Devoted standard, visit our dedicated page .

Countries as well as brands around the world are challenged to reach and maintain high quality social media customer care. The results are influenced by industries, management approach and cultural context as well. But in general, customers in all countries expect interaction and response, therefore companies should try their best to not to lose any opportunity to build positive relationships and improve sales.

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