Top 15 Facebook Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Social Networking

Read our tricks to improve your skills with using Facebook and boost your social networking experience.

Top 15 Facebook Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Social Networking

Approximately every 7.7th person on Earth has a Facebook account. Therefore, there is a good chance that you have one as well. If you are a regular user, you may be familiar with most of its functions, such as updating your status, uploading photos and adding/deleting friends. However, Facebook allows many things – surprisingly not so common among people – that can significantly enhance your social networking. Here is a list of the top 15 Facebook tips and tricks that can be of great help when utilizing this already popular social network to your advantage.

Upload photos in High Quality

Did you ever feel cheated when you wanted to upload an attractive photo to Facebook but it just didn’t turn out as amazing as you thought it would? With the compressing and resizing from the Facebook uploader, photos can be severely altered. There is an easy fix to this issue. Before uploading your photos, just click the “High Quality” box and your photos will be stored in a better resolution, thus preserving their original beauty.

Create Custom Friends Lists

Although Facebook has implemented the Smart Lists feature, you may still find yourself in need of creating specific lists. Do you need to add friends to an exact list of friends to share important updates with? On the other hand, do you need to hide the status update from certain friends? Simply go to the lists of friends you already have on the left column on your homepage and click on the button ‘Create List’. Name the list and start adding friends.

Be ‘invisible’ on chat to selected people

Are there certain people on your friends list that you simply do not want to chat with? Well, now you can hide yourself in chat from certain people or, alternatively, appear online for only certain people. In your chat bar, click the ‘Settings’ icon and then select the ‘Advanced Settings’. From the pop-up window select the “Preferred Settings” to enjoy unimpeded social networking.

Hide status updates from certain people

Have you ever wanted to share something on your Facebook but later realized that it’s not the sort of thing you want your colleagues to see? Facebook makes it possible for you to hide your status updates, links or photos – basically everything you share on Facebook. In the bottom-right corner of your status update box, there is a dropdown from which you can select who can see this particular update – so you can post a status update solely for a certain list of friends. Alternately, you can choose to hide the post from certain people.

Tag people and pages in status updates

Facebook allows you to tag certain people or pages in your status updates. Just type the “@” sign and begin typing. As you type, the name of your friend or page will start to filter according to what you have typed.

Forward your messages

Has one of your friends ever asked for directions but you remember that last week you gave the same directions to someone else? Don’t type the same message again, simply forward the original message. Go to your messages, click on the person you had the first conversation and click ‘Actions’ from the dropdown menu and select ‘Forward messages.’

Delete messages/conversations

If you want to clear your chat history, Facebook gives you the option to delete it. Once again, go to your messages and click on the person whose messages you want to delete, then click ‘Actions’ from the dropdown menu and select ‘Delete messages.’

Review your profile

Have you ever wondered what your own Profile looks like to the public? Or how it looks to a particular friend? Facebook makes it easy for you to see what your audience sees. Go to your Profile, click on the ‘Settings’ icon, then click ‘View as…’

View photos instantly

If you don’t want to click on the photos in your News Feed to view them in the original size, there is an extension for your web browser called Photo Zoom for Facebook (Chrome) and Facebook Photo Zoom (Firefox). Once installed, you simply move your mouse over the desired photo and a larger (original) size of the photo will appear in front of you.

Control posts and photos you are being tagged in

You have certainly experienced the uncomfortable feeling when someone has uploaded an “unwanted” photo of you or posted it to your profile. You now have the option to review content that is posted on your Timeline and photos your friends tag you in. To do this, go to Privacy Settings and next to the title ‘Timeline and Tagging’, click on the ‘Edit Settings’ link. Just select the combination of settings that suits you and click on the ‘Done’ button.

Download a copy of your Facebook data

If you are curious about what have you uploaded to your Facebook, including every photo and video from the past, every wall post, message and chat conversation, even your friend’s names and emails? Facebook now allows you to see it all. Just go to your Account Settings and at the bottom of the page you will see a link “Download a copy of your Facebook data.” Just click on it and proceed through the next few windows to view and protect everything you have uploaded to Facebook.

Bamboozle your friends

If you feel like you want to humor the social network with some jokes, the following link might serve your purpose. This link will not direct you to one particular Facebook profile like it may seem, but will take you to the profile in which you are actually logged in. Just delete the preview that Facebook automatically pulls out to your status, because that could give you away.

Pirate your Facebook, o’Captain!

Are you a fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies? Do you like the way they talk? You now have the option of tweaking your Facebook language to Pirate English. To do this, just go to your Account Settings and change the language to ‘English (Pirate)’ and enjoy your buccaneer voyage.

Design your Facebook business cards

If you are proud of the look of your Facebook Timeline, you might want to think about making your business cards reflect your Facebook Profile. To have your own Facebook business cards, go to your profile and click the ‘About’ button. Along the Contact Info box, you will see a small icon, clicking on this will redirect you to, where you can design and order your new cards.

Ultimate option – deleting your account

If you are tired of your social networking and you don’t want to merely deactivate your Facebook account, you may delete it permanently. Doing so will remove all the content you have ever uploaded. This removal is permanent, unlike the deactivation, so think twice before deleting it. Just click on the following link to delete your account.

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