NEW in Socially Devoted: brands from Telco and Fashion industries respond to fans within 30 minutes!

No, we still haven’t used up all of the statistics and tips relevant to the Socially Devoted standard in Q3. Today, we bring you fresh results of how well your favorite brands responded to customers and where they can improve.

NEW in Socially Devoted: brands from Telco and Fashion industries respond to fans within 30 minutes!

To refresh your memory from a few months ago, along with the Question Response Rate we introduced the metric of Question Response Time. For Facebook to become an inherent part of all marketing activities, it’s necessary to approach the platform with full respect and enthusiasm. Therefore, we believe it’s important that brands be able to answer fan questions posted on a Facebook wall, just like they answer queries at their live call center – and that is happening almost immediately.

Now, let’s take a closer look at top brands’ performance in ten major industries on Facebook. In our methodological approach, we measured the average Response Time of the 10 most Socially Devoted brands in each industry.

response time

Mobile operators continue to beat the rank!

Brands from the telecom industry proved again to be the most responsive when it comes to addressing fan questions on Facebook. The industry Response Rate increased to 66% over the quarter, although it dropped to the third place in the overall Q3 Socially Devoted rank. When compared with the Q2 results, Claro in Guatemala increased Response Time from 24 minutes to 39 minutes in Q3. This quarter, the most responsive Telco brand was Tigo Tanzania, which is now responding in 24 minutes on average.

Automotive again the slowest responding industry

Despite decent improvement in overall Question Response Rate, from 17% to 26%, car brands are still considerably slow when in comes to response time. Among the top 10 Socially Devoted brands, the ‘fastest’ responding ones come from Germany, ADAC 3.6 hours, and from Mexico, Ford de Mexico, which takes more than 7 hours on average to respond.

In some cases we noticed slight slowdown in response time compared to Q2 results. But because the overall number of questions answered increased (by 11% in the sample of top 20 brands across each industry), we can assume that this slight deterioration of the response time was caused by problems handling the volume and addressing more complex queries.

In general, this new situation could be viewed in a positive light because it shows that fans are now more used to approaching brands via Facebook as they gained confidence that their questions will be actually answered. For brands, it is again time to react. Ideally, they should grow their teams of social media managers who will be able to handle the new volume of questions with the highest standards and in a timely manner.

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