How Top Brands Are Approaching Social Media During a Crisis

How Top Brands Are Approaching Social Media During a Crisis

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In the midst of the economic and global health crisis brought on by COVID-19, marketing teams across the globe have dramatically altered aspects of their social media strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of their organization and their audiences.

Socialbakers has partnered with HubSpot to analyze a vast amount of social media data, uncovering crucial insights on how the world’s largest brands have both successfully and unsuccessfully approached social media during 2020. 

The trends uncovered in this report will help readers formulate a winning social media marketing strategy in times of uncertainty and crisis. Some of the insights include: 

  • Audience behavior on Facebook changed far more radically compared to Instagram during the crisis
  • Average industry cost per click was down 38% in Q1 2020 as brands slowed their spending on paid advertising
  • Average click-through rates decreased as well, however to a much smaller degree (.2% lower when compared to Q1 2019)

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