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Guide to Improving Your Facebook…

Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular channel for social media advertising. Today, it is being leveraged by 6 million businesses who are actively trying to win the attention of over 2 billion users, mainly with the help of paid content and ads. These numbers alone show just how competitive Facebook marketing is, and the platform's recent Q3 2017 Earnings report indicates this trend will only intensify, making it more challenging for marketers to stand out in their audiences' News Feeds.

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4 Recommendations To Turn Ads…

How confident and competitive can you really be in your paid social media strategy if you can only measure against your past performance? For the first time, position your ad spend and performance within an industry, country, or regional context—and get your ads to stand out in a crowd. With Ads Benchmarks in Socialbakers Suite, transform competitive ad insights into real action. Optimize your ad strategy now by checking out the following recommendations based on common Ads Benchmarks scenarios.

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Can Benchmarking Your Ad Spend Change…

Advertising on social media is growing into a $100 billion business. Budgets for social media spend are increasing, and CMO’s are expecting their teams to divert more time and resources to demonstrating that their efforts on social are making a business impact. Being able to link media activity to business benefit - the elusive ROI of social - has become the central task in marketing.