5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark image

5 Free Social Media Tools to Bookmark

If you thought there’s no such thing as a free lunch, think again. Despite the money you have to pay for an all-around social media marketing suite that does everything from A to Z, you can find free social media management tools online that won’t cost you anything. For those marketers that look for a quick and free solution, we have an entire section available. But to make the process even easier, we rounded up the top 5 free tools below:

End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to Post on Facebook  image

End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to…

Every social media manager has asked the same Facebook marketing question: when is the perfect time to post to maximize reach and engagement? All strong marketers want to give their posts the visibility they deserve, meaning that they shouldn’t leave it up to chance. We reveal how social media marketers can best use AI-driven insights to know when to post on Facebook. The era of publishing guesswork is over!

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 Fill in the Gaps with These Social Media Team Roles image

Fill in the Gaps with These Social…

Social media management is a growing profession which means we can expect to see a surplus of new jobs popping up in the next few years. As companies increase their social media budget we can be sure that CMOs will be looking to equip their social department with more team members. If there ever was a good time to assemble a well rounded team that can accomplish social media greatness - it’s now. Find out which positions you should be hiring for and why.

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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Might Not Be Converting image

5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Ads Might…

Facebook’s advertising platform has become crucial for digital marketers. It provides effective and narrow targeting, is successful for lead generation, ROI, and its pixel tracking enables you to directly measure your results. However, despite its versatility, often you find your efforts fail. We narrowed down 5 reasons why your Facebook Ads are not converting.

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The Evolution of Social Media Metrics

As social media strategies and methodologies have evolved, we’ve seen a similar evolution in how brands and agencies develop their social measurement frameworks. In the first few years, a lot of the focus was around ‘Fans’ and ‘Fan growth’ reflecting the ‘gold rush’ ethos that organic reach was relatively generous, and simply by having a large fan base, it would provide free exposure to a large part of the customer segment.