New flexible widgets for Twitter Ads reporting plus interactive Instagram Grid previews in Publisher

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New flexible widgets for Twitter Ads reporting plus interactive Instagram Grid previews in Publisher

Analyze all your paid social campaigns with Twitter Add metrics inside Emplifi Dashboard

We’ve made it even easier to track your cross-social ad spending, adding paid Twitter as a source to six of our already popular Flexible Widgets. We’ve also developed seven additional widgets supporting ad data from Meta and Twitter so you can better track ROI on all of your campaigns.

Once added to your dashboard, our Flexible Widgets give you a birds eye view of:

A look at some of the available metrics in Paid Analytics.
  • Impressions
  • Spend
  • Clicks
  • Cost per Click
  • Click Through Rate
  • Cost Per Mile
  • Post Engagement
  • Share Count / Retweets
  • Comment Count / Replies
  • Likes
  • Video Views
  • App Clicks
  • Cost Per Post Engagement

And that’s just the start! Just head over to Emplifi’s Paid Module where you can create customized reports using 110 social ad metrics or benefit from one of our ready-to-use templates for quick analysis. 

Ensure harmony with Instagram Grid previews 

We know social media managers want to be able to see how a post might impact the layout of their Instagram Grid. To solve this, we now offer an Instagram Grid preview whenever you schedule an Instagram Post in Emplifi Publisher.

The grid view shows the newly added or edited IG post in the first row. You’ll also find a toggle showing you all your currently scheduled posts, so you can see how they will appear on your grid with your new post.

Notice an upcoming scheduled post throwing off your preferred grid layout? No problem! You can easily reschedule any of your posts from the Content Calendar so you can keep your grid looking exactly the way you want it.

Updated available question options for Social Voice of Customer

In this release, we’ve updated the available questions Voice of Customer clients can sent through templated surveys in Emplifi Community. The updated questions include:

  • Question 1 [Ranking]: How satisfied are you with the service you received today?
    • Answer Choices, 1-5, with 1=Very Dissatisfied and 5=Very Satisfied
  • Question 2 [Single-Select]: What was your primary purpose of visit today?
    • Answer Choices, which are editable (Maximum of 6 options).
  • Question 3 [Open End]: How could your experience today have been better?
    • Comment box / free response

Once completed, survey results appear right inside the VoC platform so you can track and compare results from Community Inbox alongside data from Emplifi Agent and Emplifi Bot.

Direct link to native post in the Dashboard Content Widget

It is now easier to access your content on the native platform directly from the content widget in our Dashboard. Just one click on the creation date will take you to the post on that specific platform, so you can get a more in-depth look at the metrics you need to know.

This link also carries through into Emplifi’s export options in reporting, making our real-time or schedule PDF, PPTX and XLSX formats even more interactive.

One note, it will take a few weeks for existing Content Widgets to be updated with the new click-thru functionality. Any new widgets created starting today will automatically have the click-thru enabled.

Clicking on the date will take you into more in-depth analytics on a specific post.

Tableau Connector for Community

With this release, Emplifi Community and Tableau now work hand in hand. 

Import aggregated metrics such as resolve status, response times, sentiment and dozens of other metrics directly into your report, then combine it with data from other sources and build rich data visualizations.

You can use the connector directly via our public API. Get started now.

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