Data Intelligence in the Age of Data Privacy – Social Cast Ep. 27

Data Intelligence in the Age of Data Privacy – Social Cast Ep. 27

Data intelligence is a powerful tool nearly all marketers rely on to make sense of large volumes of data in a meaningful way. Oftentimes, gaining a better understanding of information allows companies to improve their services or promote better decision-making in the future.

Today, data intelligence utilizes both artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, which allow organizations to analyze enormous amounts of data much faster and more reliably. Although these techniques help uncover useful information about consumer behavior, the growing volume of data has caused data intelligence and data privacy to come in conflict. 

Thanks to mega-platforms like Facebook, the volume of personal data is growing exponentially, leading many companies to face increasing pressure from regulators and the marketplace to improve how they collect, use, store, and delete personal information.

As we’re only just entering the preliminary stages of truly prioritizing data privacy, marketers are tasked with the challenge of finding new ways to collect useful information in an ethical manner. Luckily, in today’s episode of Social Cast we are joined by Digimind Chief Marketing Officer Aurelien Blaha, who is an expert in the field of data intelligence.

Aurelien discusses how companies are transforming to prioritize user privacy while keeping data intelligence a vital part of their services and forward-looking strategies. 

Socialbakers CEO Weighs in on GDPR-Safe Marketing

Key Takeaways

  • How has data intelligence transformed over the past decade?
  • What relationship does privacy have with data intelligence?
  • What role does data privacy play on social media?
  • How has data intelligence impacted marketing?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted the volume of data?
  • What might the future hold for data intelligence?

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