Holiday Marketing Trends from Santa’s Followers

Unwrap the most exciting holiday trend reports on social media last year — more exclusively, from @OfficialSanta’s followers from the UK.

Holiday Marketing Trends from Santa’s Followers

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for holiday marketing. And it’s a festive time for users to show off their holiday spirit on social media. But no profile is better at posting the Christmas spirit on Twitter than @OfficialSanta. With over 395k followers, you can discover new holiday trends on social media through these followers.

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Joy to the World of Santa Followers


@OfficialSanta’s Twitter profile is filled with fun, festive Christmas count downs, gifs, and hilarious Christmas memes. Ecommerce, fashion, beauty, and retail industries are the most popular profiles among Santa’s followers.

These industries make the most sense when it comes to gift-giving. Any beauty product, home-living item, or a piece of clothing is a classic gift for any family member. M&S, Top Shop, and Tesco are great brand examples because shoppers can find the perfect gift at an affordable price.


Among M&S 573K Twitter followers, 7% of them are @OfficialSanta followers. M&S Twitter contains a wide range of content, from entertaining Christmas videos to valuable gift ideas.

For example, M&S launched this month’s campaign, #gojumpers, which includes a video of talented dancers performing the trendy “shoulder roll” in M&S Christmas sweaters at holiday parties. Starting a catchy trend can get you the visibility and engagement you need for this season.

The Magic of Giveaways


Showcasing a giveaway is a classic marketing strategy to get their customers excited and a chance to win something from their favorite brand. The holidays are a perfect time to engage your audience — You just need to see when’s the best time to post a giveaway for your brand.

The competition may be high during this season, but as long as you develop a clear analysis of your audience, you can optimize the right engagement.

Driving Prices Down for Christmas


If you’re wondering when other brands post about discounted products, you can see a clear spike during Black Week. During this time, brands launched their initial campaigns to gain the visibility they need to jump-start their holiday social media campaigns. You can develop a general idea of how much discounts you can offer during specific times of the season.


It’s normal to assume that shoppers get the best deals between Black Friday and New Year’s Day. However, the graph show posts containing higher discounts — after the holiday season.

January is the time when people go back to work and spend less money. Yet, brands use this chance to discount their products, even further, and to make more room for new products. But as a shopper, maybe the best time to go shopping would be after the busy holiday season.

It’s a Holly Jolly Christmas Ad

The most engaging Christmas ads are the ones that have a message. Last Christmas, Iceland’s Christmas ad was about the destruction of orangutan habitats for palm oil. The video contained a striking hashtag, #NoPalmOilChristmas. Even though it was banned on TV for being too political, the video gained over 1 million interactions on Facebook, and 6 million+ views on Youtube.

John Lewis & Partners collaborated with an iconic singer, Elton John, to create a video of a special Christmas gift he received as a child. It attracted over 13 million views on YouTube and contained a powerful message — “Some gifts are more than just a gift.”

The Takeaway

Following these holiday marketing trends from last year can help marketers discover new strategies for holiday campaigns. You will be able to create an engaging holiday post as long as you put in more time into research.

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