How Giant Ecommerce Brands Use Social Media on Black Friday

As a shopper, you’ve seen the long dreadful lines, the crazy shoppers, and the flashy promotions. However, in the last couple of years, the eCommerce industry has made shopping convenient for customers. This year can be your chance to create the best Black Friday campaign this year.

How Giant Ecommerce Brands Use Social Media on Black Friday

Below are the best eCommerce brands based on audience engagement and the number of posts (among the top 25 pages during Black Friday of last year). In the quadrant reports, Hunters are the best strategists when creating a Black Friday marketing campaign, while Rookies are taking their first step in building their first campaign for Black Friday.


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But before you start, discover how these eCommerce brands marketed their best campaigns last year.


Zaful has taken their shopping experience to their social media feed. As a Hunter on both Instagram and Facebook, Zaful makes it easy for its customers to access the best sales, and they also provide promo codes in the captions. They even added a special touch by showcasing a gift card giveaway.



: Just like Zaful, the best way to create a Black Friday marketing campaign is to know your audience, but it can get overwhelming with multiple social media platforms. With a unified marketing platform, you can drive more growth and engagement for all of your platforms.


Boohoo is a UK-based online fashion store that dominated both Facebook and Instagram last year. Recognized by all teens and young adults, Boohoo knows how to keep fashion youthful and fun. This fashion empire can make Black Friday posts engaging and interactive. If you’re looking for a great role model for the eCommerce industry — follow Boohoo.



: If you aren’t paying attention, your competitors can be right behind you. Take advantage of our social media benchmarking tool to see how your performance is doing against your competitors.


NA-KD is an emerging Swedish company in women’s fashion and the eCommerce industry. Although NA-KD was in the Browser category on Instagram, they are still one of the leaders in influencer marketing. They did it by having a variety of popular influencers who marketed their brand with the latest social media trends. If they continue using this strategy, they can find themselves rightfully in the Hunter category this year.



: Influencer marketing has vast opportunities today, and you can take your Black Friday marketing campaign to the next level. Even a simple 3-sec story from a macro influencer can get you the right engagement you need. You can easily find influencers your audience can trust to save you time from research.


In the eCommerce world, any customer would love to see “free shipping” with their purchase. And Twinkledeals used this tactic to add more value to their purchases, especially on Black Friday. They may be Browsers on Facebook, but they can easily post more Black Friday content to become Hunters.



: Creating content can be draining, but having the right inspiration can fuel your content and engagement. Luckily, we have a Black Friday content tool to help jump start your inspiration.

The Takeaway

Regardless of whatever category your brand lands in, each category is an opportunity to redefine your Black Friday marketing campaign this year.

You can start by seeing your brand in a quadrant report — Facebook Quadrant Report & Instagram Quadrant Report — From there, you can start creating content and drive more engagement.

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