How Universities Are Appealing To Millennials On Social Media

How Universities Are Appealing To Millennials On Social Media

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Universities face many challenges on social media. One of them is effectively appealing to their audiences, frequently comprised of digital natives that are well-aware of the latest technologies, conversations, and trends.

We took a look at how the 10 highest-ranked universities from the US and the UK tackle this difficulty, and how they appeal to their younger audiences through their presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

We also offer an overview of global trends among university profiles on social media, and provide practical tips that can help any educational establishment, company or organization enhance their social media strategy.

In this study you will learn:

  • Which universities have the largest audiences and are the most engaging
  • What type of content was the most effective and why
  • Analysis of universities’ organic and post promotion content strategies
  • Why Harvard University is so successful on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube

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