2020 Roundup: The Socialbakers Features Driving Positive Customer Experiences

It’s been quite a year – check out the Socialbakers features that help manage constantly changing consumer needs in 2020

2020 Roundup: The Socialbakers Features Driving Positive Customer Experiences

More than ever before, in 2020, audiences have increasingly shifted their attention to digital channels. For brands, this has been both a challenge and an opportunity. What has become clear is that brands managing to pivot quickly and adjust to changing consumer habits have come out on top.

Here we’ll highlight the key Socialbakers features of 2020 that help brands monitor, measure, and improve their customer experience, not just this year but every year to come.

Understand Customer Expectations With Actionable Listening

With consumer discourse increasingly taking place online, brands need to keep their finger on the pulse to stay competitive. The best way to do so at scale is by adding social listening to the marketing toolbox

From audience analysis to customer support to competitive intelligence, Socialbakers unified listening helps brands create better customer experiences at all touchpoints. While a frequent frustration with social listening tools is the “now what?” issue – this is not the case here! With AI-powered insights integrated all across the platform, teams can make data-driven decisions and improve where it counts. 

Deliver Effective, Ongoing Community Care

As people are spending more time in front of their screens, online communities and digital engagement have taken on dramatic new relevance. To help brands deliver exceptional customer care in high-stress times, we’ve added various features to the Socialbakers Community module. 

Maximize Your Team’s Efficiency – Resolve More Questions Faster

To respond to incoming questions, comments, and concerns at speed, work through the Unified Inbox Feed – your central place for all incoming conversations. Coupled with the new Agent Collision Detection, you can see if a colleague is currently working on a message and eliminate bottlenecks to increase your team’s efficiency. 

Talking about efficiency – November marked the launch of the Social AI Chatbot. The AI-powered assistant helps keep the ball rolling on the most common questions 24-7. By leaving the groundwork to AI, your agents can focus on tasks that need some extra love.

Understand Fans’ Sentiment No Matter Which Language They Speak 

Understanding the audience’s sentiment is essential when creating long-lasting relationships. Tracking how your audience feels about your brand helps prioritize and organize conversations at scale. Automated Sentiment analysis was available across Socialbakers for a long time – this year; however, we’ve added new languages to the algorithm. Since October, you can track the audience’s sentiment in more than 100 languages! Integrated all across the platform from Community to Content Hub to Dashboard and Analytics, teams can wrap their heads around vast amounts of data and track consumer sentiment at scale.

Keep Track of Your Community KPIs Over Time

As you grow your community management efforts, it’s critical to monitor the team’s performance. To get detailed performance insights, advanced community reporting was launched to Socialbakers Dashboards in August. For a seamless reporting workflow, the Dashboard is directly linked from within the Community module, so users can quickly move from tactical community management to strategic performance analysis.

Adjust Your Content Strategy To the New Reality

This year, many marketers had to revamp their content plan to connect with the audience. Part of that involves precise planning and research to identify the best times to post on social media. This year we have added several features to the platform that help marketers adjust their content strategy quickly and create content the audience loves.

Discover Customized, AI-Powered Content Inspiration

Good news for brands wanting to supercharge their content strategy with image recognition! Socialbakers Smart Vision is an AI-powered discovery tool that helps users identify content trends, objects, and colors in millions of social media posts. With a never-ending stream of personalized recommendations, searching for content inspiration has never been easier – or more data-driven.

Discuss, Save, and Share Content Assets From One Central Place

As content planning is undeniably a collaborative effort, we’ve rolled out some significant updates to make Content Collections an integral part of your content planning and creation: with easy sharing options, mentions, and notes, Content Collections are the workspace where the whole team comes together. For smooth content publishing, assets can seamlessly be scheduled in Publisher, and asset-level notes and post labels allow teams to scale the content creation and stay on top of things at all times.

Plan and Create Instagram Stories and Carousels in Advance

A 360 content experience on Instagram naturally includes Stories and Carousels. To help marketers plan and prep things in advance, Socialbakers has streamlined Stories and Carousels’ planning and scheduling right in the Publisher module. Seeing Stories and Carousels next to other scheduled posts in the all-in-one content calendar allows you and your teams to keep the ball rolling and scale your content efforts strategically.

Get the Right Eyeballs on Your Content

Engaging with the right audience is a fundamental part of a good content strategy. This year, we rolled out some significant updates to our Publisher module, helping marketers create content that reaches the right audience at the right time. To take your business beyond (language) borders, publish language-targeted Facebook posts, and create optimized content for languages that read from right to left – such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. And to take accessibility one step further: add ALT text to posts to make them more accessible for the visually impaired.

Are you already planning 2021 content activities and need some inspiration? Our 2021 Social Media Calendar might be the helping hand you’ve been looking for. The article outlines all the key events and dates for the next year – no need to do the research yourself!

Achieve New Performance Heights With Advanced Analytics

Companies are doubling down on content as budget once planned for in-person events flows to digital initiatives. While more investment brings more resources, it also brings high expectations for results. That’s why it’s crucial to keep an eye on your content performance. With several new features that have been released to Dashboards this year, data analysis has become smarter, faster, and more customizable. 

Keep up With Performance Changes Over Time

During data analysis, it’s crucial to monitor your performance over time. By analyzing yesterday’s data across the platform, it’s easy to see if you’re on track on a day-to-day basis. And for a more long-term perspective, the relative performance indicator shows you how your performance has changed compared to the previous period.

And in case you want to take a closer look at specific spikes or dips in a chart, click on the data in question, and you’re magically redirected to Content Hub, where you can analyze the exact content pieces behind Dashboard data. Hallelujah!

Maintain Transparent Partnerships With Influencers or Partner Brands

Analyzing the performance of influencers or partner brands that you’re collaborating with has a unique set of challenges. Socialbakers Shared Insights puts an end to lengthy email threads, hard-to-read screenshots, and verbal agreements. With the direct data-sharing function, securely and seamlessly analyze the data from your collaboration projects in one central place.

Analyze Every Aspect of Your Paid Campaigns

And to make more of your paid campaigns – 2020 has brought more options to customize and perfect the analysis. With saved searches, adjustable performance tables, and direct exporting options, create fully customized ad performance reports and share the good news with all stakeholders.

Championing Innovation

While we’re nearing the end of 2020, we’re already busy planning the new features for the next year. However, there are still a few more updates to look forward to in December. Keep your eyes peeled for the latest releases, launching every two weeks to the platform. 

And what’s in stock for 2021? From Youtube scheduling to advanced ad campaign analysis – 2021 will bring exciting releases helping brands boost their internal processes and drive positive customer experiences. To see how Socialbakers can help your brand participate meaningfully on social media, nurture relationships at every touchpoint, and deliver tangible business results, sign up for a personalized demo with one of our social media experts!

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