Advanced Paid Analytics Search and LinkedIn Private Profile Publishing

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Advanced Paid Analytics Search and LinkedIn Private Profile Publishing

Smart Search in Paid Analytics

Time is important, especially when money is on the line. Using the new smart search in Paid Analytics, refine your search results quickly, and analyze ad performance and effectiveness on a granular level.

Intuitive Search

With a high volume of ad campaigns, it’s important to have a little help to stay focused. To find a specific campaign, you can now search by campaign name, ad account name (please enter at least three characters), or the exact ad account ID or campaign ID. Campaigns from the last 30 days are automatically suggested to help you find the most current results, while the full-text search lets you search through the entire database.

Campaign and Mixed Sources Selection

To provide maximum flexibility, you can not only select individual campaigns but even analyze an ad account and a campaign from a different account side-by-side. Four new views provide detailed information on: paid insights overview, platform & placements, audience, and campaign objective.

Objective and Social Platform Filters

To further fine-tune your results, use the social platform and campaign objective filter. Analyze your ad spend or performance for a specific social platform, or track KPIs such as CPC, CPM, or CPR by campaign objective.

LinkedIn Private Profile Publishing

Are you ready for LinkedIn Private Publishing? From today, you can connect any private LinkedIn profile and publish to it straight from Socialbakers Publishing. 

With LinkedIn private profile publishing, conveniently manage C-level profiles from the Publisher module. Draft your CEO’s upcoming LinkedIn posts and view scheduled content in the centralized calendar to keep it all organized. 

You can also leverage LinkedIn private publishing to drive employee engagement. Connect your employee’s private profiles and share pre-approved and pre-labeled content from Content Collections that they can publish straight to their profiles. Bring authenticity front and center and make credible voices heard.

To get started:

  1. Add a private profile by clicking on Add Social Profile in the navigation bar.
  2. Select Add Private Profile, and pick LinkedIn Personal Account.
  3. In Settings, define user permissions to ensure only the right team members have publishing rights.

Please note that you can’t publish videos, target a post, or use @mentions due to official API limitations.

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