Report on Today’s Community KPIs, Download Videos from Collections, And More

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Report on Today’s Community KPIs, Download Videos from Collections, And More

Report on Today’s Community Performance

Community engagement is a fast-paced world. To report on your community KPIs in real-time and take corrective measures quickly, you can now analyze Today’s data for all community dashboards.

No matter if you’re reporting on special events, a major product launch, or a short-term campaign, analyze today’s data to stay on top of community metrics. Focus on what’s urgent, shift priorities, and take proactive steps based on real-time insights. 

Today’s reporting is available for all pre-defined community dashboards and custom dashboards that only contain community widgets.

Download Video Assets from Content Collections

86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool. To make video content part of your content planning workflow, you can now download Content Collection videos that have previously been uploaded directly to your local storage for future use.

Downloading video content works similarly to the image download you and your teams are already used to. It’s a great way to streamline content distribution. Share content with regional branches or other stakeholders who can then leverage the content assets no matter if they’re working on the go or even when they’re offline.

Seamlessly Move from Query Building to Listening Analysis

For smoother Social Media Listening, you can now move faster from query building to analysis. Settings are the central place to manage and set up all your listening queries. With the new shortcut, you’ll be redirected to Content Hub or Analytics, where you can dive into the data of that specific query. 

This way, next time you’re creating or editing your query, quickly move to the exciting part and view Listening analytics with one click. 

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