Reply to IG Mentions, Distinguish Conversations by Content Type, And More

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Reply to IG Mentions, Distinguish Conversations by Content Type, And More

Respond to Instagram @Mentions

As modern consumers are more informed than ever, they expect brands to engage with them on their terms. How to know when to engage with the audience? Monitor @mentions. It allows brands to respond immediately to customer complaints and spot and amplify the voices of the biggest fans by leveraging their posts!

Tracking brand mentions manually is a time-consuming and arduous process. A better way forward? Automate it with Socialbakers! In addition to existing Twitter mentions, you can now also view all Instagram mentions, right in your community feed. 

Accessing Instagram mentions allows you to see if someone mentions you within a post or in their comment. Photo tags are not accessible just yet. 

Don’t miss out on any ongoing conversation. Once you’re mentioned, you can do all the actions you’re already familiar with: comment, create a Salesforce case, leave an internal note, assign it to a team member, archive, or remove it.

Tracking mentions is a simple yet effective way to raise brand awareness and maximize your exposure across social. It helps you keep tabs on what fans are saying, respond to any complaints or concerns immediately, and make the most of user-generated content.

Differentiate Conversations by Content Type

Here’s to you, Community Managers. To save valuable time, you can now spot different content types at one glance. All incoming conversations now have a little tag indicating what content type they are. This allows you to distinguish incoming posts/wall posts, DMs, comments, mentions, or comments from ads within a split second.

And in case you want to go a step further and only look at specific content types, filter them out with the brand new Content Type filter. The Content Type filter lets you differentiate between incoming posts/wall posts, DMs, comments, mentions, or comments from ads. 

So, if you want to dig into all the newly added IG mentions, filter them out and create a separate feed with the click of a button. Access all conversations you need, without wasting time sifting through them one by one. Say hello to more productive days!

Condensed Content Calendar View

Organization is the key to success for brands publishing a lot of social media content. Teams need to be aligned at all times, and the best way to do so is with an organized content calendar.

The new Condensed View gives some extra visibility when planning large campaigns. It shows a minimized view of your weekly scheduled content by reducing all post information to the social media icon and the beginning of the post text. To see the full post, you can still click on it, and all details pop up in the side panel.

So, depending on what you’re working on, and what you need to see during the specific week, switch between default view, compact view, and condensed view in the handy dropdown list. Staying on top of your content planning was never easier.

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