2-Factor Authentication, Automated Sentiment in Indonesian, and Customizable Performance Table

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2-Factor Authentication, Automated Sentiment in Indonesian, and Customizable Performance Table

Two-Factor Authentication for Extra Data Security

As technology continues to advance, security needs are becoming equally more complex. Given that the average cost for a data breach is $3.92 million (IBM Study, 2019), businesses need to implement company-wide security tactics to avoid data breaches, malware, and other forms of cyberattacks.

Single-factor authentication, where a user supplies a username and password, is the standard validation method – however, it’s only one security level. To help companies feel safer and more in control of their data, Socialbakers users can now enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2FA provides your accounts with an additional level of security – without giving up the flexibility your teams expect.

In addition to using a username and password to log in, 2FA further secures your account by requesting an additional verification code generated by an authentication app such as Google Authenticator.

To make Two-Factor Authentication work for your teams, organizations can choose between Opt-In 2FA, where individual users set up 2FA for themselves, or Mandatory 2FA, which requires all users of an account to activate 2FA. To make the process as straightforward as possible, read our helpful guide, which explains the steps one-by-one.

Automated Sentiment Analysis for Indonesian

Apa kabar dari Socialbakers! Do you wish you knew what your customers are thinking, no matter which language they are speaking? You’re not alone. Global businesses know that understanding your customers’ thoughts and feelings is crucial to building long-lasting relationships. Given the complexity of human interaction, understanding the sentiment of all incoming conversations across your profiles and communities can be a big ask. Enter automated sentiment analysis. Socialbakers automated sentiment is a machine-learning algorithm that detects and evaluates incoming conversations’ sentiment, with zero-configuration required.

From today, a new language has been added to the automated sentiment algorithm: Indonesian! Next to English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Arabic, and Czech, Indonesian sentiment analysis is now automatically evaluated all across the platform: in Community, Content Hub, Analytics, and Dashboard! 

Automated sentiment allows you to detect shifts in customer attitudes, identify positive talking points in customer queries, and monitor emerging issues that could threaten your reputation. And all without any extra effort from your side.

For clients with automated sentiment enabled, go to Settings > Task Automation > Sentiment and make sure the box is checked for Turn ON Automated sentiment for every new profile that’s added to Suite. This way, automated sentiment will be up and running with each newly added profile. Sama Sama!

Want to learn more about sentiment analysis in Socialbakers? Have a look at this dedicated article.

Customize Content Hub’s Performance View Table

Content Hub is the place to uncover multi-platform content insights in an instant. In the easy-to-read performance view table, marketers can quickly compare top-performing posts, sort them by preferred metrics, or export the results for further analysis. 

Data lover or not, you’ll love this week’s new feature: the performance table view in Content Hub’s Feed is now fully customizable so you can measure post-performance based on your preferred metrics.

To create a new preset, select your most relevant metrics out of the 80+ options. Finding the right metrics is straightforward: use the search function or dive into one of the following categories.

  • Settings
  • Performance
  • Engagement – Posts / Stories / Videos.

Create as many presets as you want, and set your favorite one as Default to make it the new standard. For streamlined reporting and knowledge sharing across teams, you can export or schedule performance view tables with the click of a button. For full flexibility, scheduled reports automatically reflect any changes made to a preset – no extra effort needed. The new customizable presets are a simple, yet effective way to make performance analysis and reporting quicker and more efficient.
Learn more about how you can leverage Socialbakers to plan, execute, and track your content strategy, in this dedicated article.

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