Advanced Data Analysis with Flexible Widget Upgrades, Duplicate Posts, and More

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Advanced Data Analysis with Flexible Widget Upgrades, Duplicate Posts, and More

Step Up Your Analysis With Flexible Widget Enhancements

Flexible Widgets are the helping hand when it comes to data analysis. By being completely flexible with how you display your data, you can take control of your data and make smarter decisions based on the whole story. To achieve new analysis heights, this release brings a variety of Flexible Widget revamps. Ready for the rundown?

Dashboard Wizard Redesign With New Metric Labels

To make the Dashboard module even more user-friendly, we have given it a sweet redesign and added some additional information. What’s new?

Firstly, to identify Flexible Widgets at a glance, there are now icons in the bottom left corner of those widgets with your favorite flexible functionality.

Secondly, while there’s single platform widgets and multi-platform widgets, in the new Cross Platform section, you can now find all those widgets that can be used for cross-platform analysis or comparison.

Finally, as it’s crucial to ensure that widgets have the correct data attribution, most widgets now indicate the metric source with a little label. That means widgets fall into one of the four categories:

  • Profile-level metrics: These widgets attribute engagement to the day a post was published.
  • Post-level metrics: These widgets attribute engagement to the exact days that the engagement happened.
  • Community metrics: Based on all community-related data, these are the essential widgets for community management teams.
  • Ad metrics: Ad metrics widgets are, as the name says, based on your ad data.

Want to put your post metrics vs. profile metrics knowledge to the test? Have a look at this dedicated article, which covers all differences between post and profile level using some concrete examples.

View Relative Change of Flexible Widget Data

To get a better understanding of your social media performance over time, you don’t want to look at individual numbers in isolation, but understand how performance is developing over time.

From today, you can see the relative change of your Flexible Widget data straight away. All Flexible Widgets now automatically display the relative change compared to the previous period as well as the previous period’s figure.

Unsure what counts as the previous period? To learn more about selecting date ranges and what counts as the previous period, read this separate article. 

With positive changes indicated in green and negative changes in red, it’s easy to see immediately if you’re on track or if you’re falling behind your goals and need to make some adjustments.

30 New Flexible Widgets

For all Flexible Widget fans out there – we heard you! Today we’re proud to announce the conversion of 30 new flexible widgets. From Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn Interactions to Engagement Rate to Number of Tweets, the new widgets provide you with plenty of options to customize your analysis and display your data.

Please note that widgets in existing dashboards are not automatically transformed, but you can integrate the new widgets into any dashboard or use them to create your new favorite from scratch.

With the new widgets, choose exactly how you want to visualize your data insights, and leverage some of the Flexible Widgets’ favorite functionality, including:

  • Hone in on specifics with advanced filtering options.
  • Resize widgets to visualize large datasets at once.
  • Click through to the data source of your widgets, to see the posts right in Content Hub.
  • See the precise figures behind all Flexible Widgets with exact values under one million and the full digits in the hover-over tooltip.

Duplicate Posts

A good content strategy revolves around keeping your pipeline up and running to engage with the audience. As part of that, you might choose to reuse specific content. In Socialbakers Publisher, teams can now duplicate posts with a click.

Duplicating content can come in handy for a couple of reasons. It allows marketers to:

  • reuse previous all-star content that has proven successful in the past.
  • localize content that was produced by HQ and adjust it to your local market.
  • keep long-term campaigns running and active.
  • tweak content for multi-platform usage.

To get started, choose the content you want to duplicate in the Sent side menu. Hitting Duplicate will automatically prepopulate a new post with the same copy, images, and links. Select the profile and platform you want to publish on, modify the post with the necessary copy changes, additional hashtags or any other adjustments, and schedule with greater efficiency.

Missing any Integrations? Give Direct Feedback!

In Socialbakers, marketers can integrate the industry-proven business and marketing tools they already rely on to extend the platform’s functionality. All while keeping the seamless, user-friendly, and secure customer experience you expect from our platform. The best way to see all integrations and the API that Socialbakers currently supports is in the Integrations & API section in Settings.

Customer feedback is a central part of Socialbakers’ future development – that’s why you can now suggest desired integrations right in the Settings page. Click on Contact Us, on the top of the page, insert your feedback, and hit submit!

We will gather all requests and consider them for potential new integrations that will be added in the future. Get in touch and help shape the future of Socialbakers integrations!

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