Integrated & Actionable Listening, Sentiment for 100+ Languages, and More

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Integrated & Actionable Listening, Sentiment for 100+ Languages, and More

Continuous Listening for All-Channel Intelligence

The easiest way to measure what’s being said about your brand is by keeping your ear to the ground. With Socialbakers unified listening, do just that: get a 360° view of everything that touches your brand, and take immediate action.

With listening intelligence smoothly integrated into all parts of the platform, get the insights you need right when you need them. And because data is only as good as how you use it, translate the raw data into actionable insights that inform your business decisions right away.

Monitor keywords, mentions, or hashtags across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to get a comprehensive view of what’s being said, and use those insights to create the experience your audience deserves. For more information about the supported data sources head over to this dedicated article.

Nail Down Your Listening Search in the User-Friendly Query Builder

Queries are the starting point for gathering insights. That’s why the set-up should be intuitive. Set within Socialbakers user-friendly interface, the query builder is the central place to create your query sets. 

Define what insights you’re looking for, let automation do the heavy lifting, and access listening insights wherever you are! Get started straight away – have a look at this step-by-step guide to create your first query set.

Uncover Actionable Listening Insights in Analytics

Once your query is set up, dive into Listening in Analytics to understand your brand, audience, and market in full context. Make the listening insights truly yours by tracking the objectives and insights that matter to you: measure brand awareness, identify consumer insights, track trending topics, and more.

With custom date ranges, pre-designed views, and 20+ filtering options, you can slice and dice the data as you need. And to empower your team workflows with the right data at the right time, export the data, and share away!

Want to get granular and analyze the content pieces behind your charts? Click on Associated Content, and you’re redirected to Content Hub where you can dig into individual posts.

Fuel Your Content Strategy With Listening in Content Hub

Content Hub is your central workspace, where data and creative are coming together. With the capabilities you already know and love, such as custom searches, deep insights, collections, and exports, you can smoothly integrate listening intelligence into your existing workflows to power your content planning with data. 

Understand what the audience really wants, jump on trends, and create content that they’ll love. And for a more analytical look at your insights, switch back to Analytics with a quick click on Analyze Results.

Engage With The Community Beyond Your Owned Profiles

A quick digital “Thank you” goes a long way. Respond and react in real-time to the crucial conversations by accessing Listening content directly into your Community Module. Create a new feed that filters by Message Type: Listening, et voila – you can now catch and respond to earned mentions beyond your owned pages. Integrate Listening insights smoothly into your existing team workflows; apply labels, leave internal notes, assign them to a colleague, or, in the case of Facebook and Twitter, engage with your community straight away.

Please note that direct responses are not available for Instagram due to API restrictions, and comments under your listening content are not downloaded, meaning that you won’t be able to see the content thread. 

With Listening in Community, catch and rectify negative waves of communication and make every touchpoint a feel-good moment.

Track Audience Sentiment Across 100+ Languages

Want to understand how your audience feels about your content? But you don’t have the time and energy to evaluate the emotion behind every single incoming comment? Let alone scaling the process and analyzing hundreds of posts in hundreds of languages. Automate it!

Socialbakers automated sentiment analysis allows marketers to wrap their heads around massive amounts of information in real-time. From Japanese to Russian to Arabic, the algorithm can now spot and analyze content in more than 100 languages! For a full list of all supported languages, check out this article.

With automated sentiment available across the platform – in Community, Content Hub, Dashboard, and Analytics – leverage sentiment insights, no matter where you are. Want to learn more? This article shows you how to use sentiment analysis to learn more about your audience. Before you get started, check in your settings that automated sentiment is enabled for all profiles and that the profiles have community connected. This way, you can seamlessly analyze comments in Content Hub. Read how automated sentiment helps you fuel your content strategy.

Create Eye-Catching LinkedIn Link Previews

To take full advantage of your posts, they should look tidy and on-brand at all times. Make it impossible for your audience to scroll past your next LinkedIn post – with a customized link title and a unique thumbnail.

When drafting your next LinkedIn post that includes a link, click on the top-right icon, add a clear title, and a stunning image or engaging GIF. Congrats! You’ve designed the perfect LinkedIn preview. Now all you have to do is wait for those likes and discussions to come in.

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