Share Content Collections, Engagement Rate Widget, and More

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Share Content Collections, Engagement Rate Widget, and More

Share Content Collections With Selected Users and Leave Asset-Level Notes

79% of marketers believe that content-led marketing campaigns will continue to grow over the next two years (World Media Group Research, 2019). Socialbakers’ Content Hub helps brands take data-driven content planning to a whole new level. It’s a central place for organized and integrated campaign planning. And with Content Collections, all stakeholders can easily save, share, and discuss inspiring pieces of content.

Share Content Collections With Specific Users

Brands publishing a lot of content eventually face the same challenge: how to share content with the right people at the right time? To support smaller group work and to reduce the clutter when creating content with specific teams, external agencies, or regional markets and franchises, you can now share Collections with selected users. 

Sharing a Collection with specific users is straightforward: choose a Collection, select → Share, and click on Specific Users. You can then search for and give selected users access to this Collection. Once invited, users are notified straight in the platform or via Email, depending on their notification settings. In case you need to check who is part of a Collection, hover over the images to see the names of all users that can access this Collection. And the best: Content Collections support flexible ways of working! That means you can change back and forth between private, global, and specific user access, and users can leave Collections from their side at any time.

Leave Notes on Asset Level to Streamline Content Planning Across Teams

Also, it’s now possible to leave notes for specific assets! Adding notes can be convenient for brands working with larger teams or agencies: you can write asset descriptions, specify instructions for teams that reuse the assets in Publisher, or add any other relevant information about the content assets. 

Socialbakers Content Collections Asset

Notes can be up to 1,000 characters long and can be added in three ways:

  1. When saving a content piece from Content Hub, type the note to the Add a Note field.
  2. When uploading assets from a local drive or cloud-shared assets, a pop-up window prompts you to leave a note for all uploaded assets.
  3. Notes for existing assets can be viewed, added, and edited by clicking into an asset, and entering a text into the Notes field.

With streamlined communication, it’s easy for brands to break through the content bottleneck, scale content creation, and stay on top of the process at all times.

Engagement Rate in Flexible Widgets – Track What Resonates With the Community

Brands today are swimming in a sea of social media data. While vanity metrics such as shares, page views, and retweets are easily measured, they can be misleading. Actionable metrics, on the other hand, help to go beyond the surface level and analyze the bottom-line business impact of your actions. 

One of the most popular ways to get actionable performance insights is to measure engagement metrics. Measuring engagement helps track how audiences are interacting with your content. While engagement is an umbrella term for various different metrics, looking at just one might not provide all the information needed to make a strategic decision. Instead, you might want to look at a combination of metrics. That’s why we’ve now added one additional engagement metrics to the existing Interactions and Interactions per 1K Follower metrics: Engagement Rate!

Engagement Rate is available as a Flexible Widget that visualizes the number of Interactions of a post per Fan. Like with other Flexible Widgets, you can easily filter by what matters to you, and break the analysis down by various options. Add Engagement Rate to Dashboard now and understand which content truly resonates with your audience, what’s just “meh”, and what’s ripe for improvement! 

Socialbakers Flexible Widget

Learn more about how Engagement Rate is measured in Socialbakers.

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