Singapore Government Performance Benchmark Report 2020 Overview

Singapore Government Performance Benchmark Report 2020 Overview

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In times of crisis such as the one caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, it is one of the government’s key functions to ensure timely, accurate and consistent communication to the public to raise awareness of necessary measures and prevent untimely panic. In 2020, for the public sector in Singapore, the same as for numerous other organizations globally, social media has become not just a preferred way of communication, but a necessary one. 

This report is based on the data collected over the full year of 2020 and provides a detailed analysis of the performance of the main Ministries and Statutory Boards in Singapore on the leading social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. It looks into how successfully these organizations leveraged social media as a means to communicate and engage with residents in Singapore, especially during the nationwide lockdown, known locally as Circuit Breaker.

The key points in this report give insight into how the public was engaging with the government and maintaining a conversation around pandemic-related posts, as well as their sentiment towards the provided content. Furthermore, based on the collected data, the report identifies opportunities to increase engagement and growth in 2021 and beyond.

Key Insights From the Report

  • While the majority of the interactions were received via Facebook content, Instagram proved its strong position by becoming the most engaging platform in 2020, with the highest average engagement rate of 1.47%.
  • The COVID-19 relevant content posted on YouTube by the Health Promotion Board reached over 17.5 million views in 2020, which was 2.4x more than the second most viewed video.
  • Almost 40% of all content related to government entities was generated by individual users across multiple platforms, totalling 37,475 pieces of content overall. When it comes specifically to the comments, the Ministry of Health received the most engagement from the public.  

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