The State of Social Media in China – Social Cast Ep. 26

The State of Social Media in China – Social Cast Ep. 26

The world loves social media – and China is no exception. In fact, many Chinese users consume more social media per day than the average person, which makes the Chinese social media market a great opportunity for companies to expand into. 

However, while the user population and engagement levels are nothing short of impressive, the Chinese advertisement space and algorithm are an entity of its own. Say goodbye to simple campaigns and intrusive media, as brands have very few opportunities to reach new users on an organic level. 

Additionally, China’s infrastructure is constantly evolving, which requires both marketers and consumers to try and keep up. With the concept of weekends being a fairly new practice, many Chinese consumers are struggling to manage the influx of advertising. 

Although the expanding market is a vast opportunity for companies around the world, marketing in China is the same – but different. A successful marketing strategy requires a careful, and perhaps expensive, tailoring to the population and their interests. It might be a challenge, but the risk is likely worth the reward in this case. 

In today’s Social Cast episode, we talk with Alex Duncan, the Co-Founder and Product Lead at KAWO, about the state of social media in China and how marketers can crack the code. Stay tuned to discover all the opportunities and challenges awaiting in the Chinese social media market.

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Key Takeaways

  • How is social media different in China?
  • What are the market opportunities for growth in China?
  • What are a few challenges that are unique to the Asian marketing environment?
  • What is the role and importance of KAWO in China?
  • How does diversity impact creating a marketing strategy? 
  • What does the future of Chinese marketing look like?

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