Top 10 Productivity Hacks Shared by the Experts

We asked top digital and social media marketing influencers from around the world to share their favorite productivity hacks. Make the most out of your day with these top 10 tips!ss

Top 10 Productivity Hacks Shared by the Experts

The modern-day marketer is facing two pressing challenges; 1) staying at the forefront of an ever-changing social media landscape, 2) understanding that success is achieved by maintaining this velocity without the stress.

With little resources, demanding deadlines to constantly feeding the content machine across networks, the need to be more productive is at an all time high – but so is the need to purge oneself from screens and distractions every now and then. Combine this with the challenge of staying focused in a world of multiple streams of media and you found why marketers are looking for the best social media productivity hacks.

Alvaro Quesada, Digital Communications Specialist at Tinkle, said it best, “you’ve got to disconnect to reconnect!”. These words of wisdom came up while chatting about his recent social media detox in Indonesia during a coffee break at Socialbakers Engage Bali social media conference. I laughed thinking of the juxtaposition between the setting and his words, but he was right. It got me thinking about all of the productivity hacks and apps that can help your social media marketers on the daily. 

Rebekah Radice – The Award Winning Blogger 

As our hyper-connected world shrinks our most valuable resource, stealing back time is a commodity anyone can use. To get and stay ahead, hack your time with a tool like FocusBooster. Set the timer for 25 minutes, focus on your highest priority, give yourself a 5 minute break, and then BOOM…move on to the next money-making activity.

Robert Katai – The Content Marketing Strategist 

1. The best marketing strategies you will learn is from real life. Talk with sport coaches, psychologists, event organizers or a graffiti artist. There is your inspiration!

2. If you don’t have a passion for marketing, your loss. Techniques and skills can be taught, but passion is something you have or don’t.

3. Have a side project. Here’s the space where you can try, experiment and fail. It will give you the advantage to walk the talk.

4. Get a friend that works in marketing. You can ping-pong ideas, fails, dreams and learn from each other.

5. Have your own weekly personal moment. Go for an hour walk, travel by the train for a minimum of 2 hours or drive a car for 2 hours. It will help you get out of your daily routine.

Mordecai Holtz – The Digital Strategist 

1. Smarter and Efficient Ad Campaign Management 

Start and manage all of your retargeting ad campaigns from a single dashboard. One centralized location will drastically reduce the number of tasks for all retargeting. Simply upload one list of your target audiences’ emails, phone numbers, etc. and watch the platform do the rest. Retarget your customers where they spend most of their time online by using a centralized system. Use a platform like Targeto or AdRoll.

2. Collaborative Tools 

Collaboration is the key to any marketing growth. Use tools like Trello, Dropbox, Slack, and Google Docs and Asana. 

3. Agendaless Meetings – Say No

Synergy is key but so is time. Of course, eliminating meetings from work is impossible. So be more selective on the meetings by creating simple agendas.

4.  Visual Content Platforms 

Visual content gives you free reign to customize your message, use different techniques and mediums to get your message across. To make the process of creating visuals simple, I use Canva that makes the creation of visuals for social media a cinch.

Lloyd and Dan Knowlton – Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers  

Our #1 productivity hack for marketers is to combine effective planning with the use of your calendar. Since we properly started implementing the following strategy, our productivity has improved dramatically. The planning process we use involves having one monthly planning meeting where we look at everything we need to do to achieve what we want to achieve that month. This includes client work, our own marketing, managing our sales funnel, events, networking etc.

Once we’ve mapped out everything, we decide who in the team is going to do it and we schedule when we are going to complete the actions in our shared outlook calendar. We then have a weekly meeting on a Monday morning (kind of like a mini version of the monthly meeting) to look over and discuss the plan for the week. This tip may seem super simple, but when executed well, it can take your productivity through the roof. Try it and Tweet us to let us know how you get on (@dknowlton1 @lloydy37).

Ismail Erkan – Founder of Marketing Birds 

1. Images are good for social media marketing. But what’s better is “images with written questions”. People usually ask questions in the post, but I strongly recommend asking questions within the image. It increases the engagement with your audience.

2. If you wanna engage with your audience you should make it fun. When you ask a question to your followers, you can add: “Please reply with a GIF” or “Please reply with an emoji” – it makes the answer easy and funny, so people join the conversation.

3. Video content is the new lifeblood of social media. Especially on Instagram – videos can easily go to “explore” page, so you can gain new visitors and followers. It helps on Facebook and Twitter too.

4. Consistency is a must on social media. I know it is difficult, I know it drains your energy. However it is a must! Maybe you can reduce your publishing frequency (for example once in a two/three days) but it should still be consistent. Social media publishing tools can help you with this.

Kathy Wrennall – The Social Media Beauty Insider    

Beauty broadcasts are vintage and a one-way street…Social builds communities and gives customers a voice and now brands need to empower that relationship for social commerce. Personalising the conversation via omni-channel delivers the Wow Factor and ROI.

David Glenwright – The Social Media Trainer 

Whenever you start a new task, write the objective of that task down, and keep it next to you – just like you used to do when you were at school. When you get into something, whether it’s planning social media content, preparing a workshop or planning a new campaign, you can get so focused on details, that it’s easy to forget why you’re doing it. Before you know, it, you’ve done twice as much work as you needed to, but still haven’t completed your task. Having the objective physically in sight keeps you focused on your purpose, stops you from deviating and helps you to work both faster and smarter.

Ben M. Roberts – Host of the #MarketingBuzzword Podcast 

5 a.m. is Writing Time

Not every day, but 3 days per week I block into my diary to write at 5am. Currently this is my new book, however, it could be blogs or web pages. At this time, I am less disturbed by distractions from the outside world. Also, I find that once in a routine, my mind is much more fresh and I am able to focus. I make sure that I set this as a blocked out time in my calendar so that it is official and I do not find myself slipping.

Amish Hour

Twice a week, for at least an hour, I do something called ‘Amish Hour’. Basically this involves not using technology (I.e. phone, laptop, tv) to instead focus on something offline. This could be reading, cleaning or simply planning my week. The idea is to have a total disconnection from screens, not even to glance at them to have a chance of distraction. I’ve found this to be effective at making sure I take time for myself and ensure I’m not reliant on technology. It also means that I give my eyes a nice rest from blue light!

Only Check Emails 3x per Day Unless Expecting Something Urgent

Unless I am expecting something urgent, I only check my emails 3x per day. First thing, after lunch, and after 5pm. This way I am not distracted by conversations that aren’t vital to achieving all I need to in that day. However, I have found that 3x checks a day is enough to make sure that I have the necessary conversations to keep up with emails and not be swamped in a single go. 

Cian Corbett – The Digital Brand Manager 

I’m a huge fan of making task lists, but for them to be truly effective, I prioritise them by urgency and put a time limit on them. I make my list and review it by asking myself “Is there a deadline for this task? Am I holding anyone up by not completing this first?” That will quickly sort the task list into things that ‘need to get done’ and things that ‘I would prefer to do’. Putting deadlines next to tasks is incredibly important. I like to get a task near perfect but I’m also aware you can keep throwing hours at something without earning reciprocal incremental returns. Instead, I’ll give myself an hour to really get into a project, and if I don’t finish it I hand it over to a team member or I come back to it. Most of the time it gives me the motivation and momentum to get it done in the hour.

Ryan A. Bell – The Digital Hippy @NASAJPL 

My productivity hack is to turn my phone off AND leave it in the car when I get home. I hate feeling like I’m not a fully attentive and productive dad.

The Takeaway

Research from Microsoft Corp. revealed that people lose their concentration after eight seconds, compare that with the attention span of an ill-focused goldfish which is just nine seconds…The Microsoft study also found that since the mobile era began in 2000, our attention span dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds, but our ability to multitask has also significantly improved! This demonstrates the impact a highly digitalized lifestyle is having on the human brain.

We also encourage you to read up on our latest article on How to Manage Social Media Like a Pro, because as a savvy social media marketer, you need the right tips and tools to match your skills.

We hope that the tools and productivity hacks offered by these digital and social media influencers will help you on your journey to focus on the task at hand, so well, you are more productive and surpass the attention span of a goldfish.

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