The Top 15 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Hear

The value of podcasts to marketers and their audiences alike is increasing. You can find podcast on almost any marketing topic: social media marketing podcasts, content marketing podcasts, marketing 101 podcasts, growth marketing podcasts, and many more. There are literally hundreds of marketing podcasts out there but, to save you time, we’ve listed 15 of the very best.

The Top 15 Marketing Podcasts You Need to Hear

Podcasts. Everyone can see how popular this format is becoming as a method of educating audiences and passing on information. But what’s really important for the listener is how podcasts entertain as well as educate while being so easy to consume. 

And then there’s the benefits for your brand or business. Podcast marketing can help increase traffic to your website, generate leads, grow your audience and create a closer relationship with them, help you stand out from your competition, and give you a platform to interview interesting and relevant guests.

In fact, it’s clear that podcasts as a marketing tool is a “sticky” format, earning loyal fans who become emotionally connected and faithful to the podcast series they love and form part of a larger community gathered around the series.

It’s such a great format: pure high-value audio content with real personality which can be leveraged to push out all kinds of Call-to Actions. It’s also perfect for longer free-wheeling discussions where many fresh insights can come to light. 

And who can say that the power of the human voice has no impact on them, no persuasive qualities? Nobody, that’s who.

Fans can be educated, entertained and subtly pushed towards whichever product/service your brand is promoting, and subject matter is almost infinite if you have a creative mind for storytelling or tweaking old talking points into fresh angles. 

And all the audience needs to tune in is their smartphone and a pair of earbuds.

So sit back, grab a glass of something tasty, and check out this list of “high-value” marketing podcasts we put together so you don’t have to go digging for them yourself.

1. The Hubcast – Hubspot

The Hubcast provides all kinds of tips, hacks, and information in addition to updates on how to get the results you need from your inbound marketing. They often have expert guests on for a chat or to shed light on a particular aspect of marketing. Always fun, always informative.

2. Social Media Morning Talk Show – Social Media Examiner

The self-proclaimed longest running social media marketing podcast. Listen to the latest social media news and trends provided by The Social Media Examiner. The podcast features commentary and opinions on what’s hot in social media across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest. It’s a real goldmine of insights. 

3. The Social Cast – Socialbakers

Socialbakers is a social media marketing platform that offers end-to-end solutions to fellow marketers out there. Socialbakers experts live and breath everything social media, and want to share their knowledge and expertise with the rest of the world. On The Social Cast, you’ll learn about social media marketing best practices, upcoming trends, and insights based on our exclusive in-house data, and more.

Explore the Social Cast Archives for All Your Marketing Needs

4. Marketing Growth Podcast – Shane Barker

The Marketing Growth Podcast is your go-to resource for tactics, tips, tricks, tools, and hacks the pros leverage to succeed in digital marketing. Digital marketing consultant Shane Barker interviews top marketers, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who share growth marketing techniques that help them grow their businesses. Tune in to learn digital marketing from the best and replicate their success for your business.

5. Marketing School: Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips – Neil Patel and Eric Siu

Neil Patel and Eric Siu pass on their wisdom, gained from years of digital marketing experience. The range of topics are broad: SEO, content marketing, digital strategy, optimizing conversions, the list is almost unlimited. If you’re looking for insight on a particular subject within the digital realm, you’ll probably find a podcast about it here.

6. The Social Media Pubcast – Jon Loomer

Since its beginning in 2013, The Social Media Pubcast has been a fantastic source of marketing news as well as general business tips, hacks and advice. Tune in to hear subjects as diverse as scaling Facebook ads to designing the perfect morning so you stay driven and efficient. There’s some really great content here and a lot of it is unique and unmissable.

7. The Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker

A change of pace here: get tips on blogging, growing your online community, setting exciting goals, using viral content on social media, getting out of your comfort zone, public speaking, and more. The Hashtag Authentic doesn’t stick strictly to purely marketing topics but offers advice on soft and hard skills, professional and personal development, and some  mindfulness subjects too.

8. “I Shouldn’t Say This, But” – Katy Leeson

The podcast explores Katy’s journey as MD of one of the fastest growing social marketing agencies in the world and focuses on her experiences and thoughts as a woman in a predominantly male role. The podcast has a natural and unedited feel as she discusses such topics as imposter syndrome, ideologies around feminism and secret feelings of inadequacy that still creep up on her as a woman working in a senior role. 

9. Duct Tape Marketing – John Jantsch

A great mix of discussion about various soft and hard business and marketing skills. Duct Tape Marketing ranges in subject matter from things like embracing your creative side, or creating a business that catches people’s interest, right over to tips on driving brand growth, and covers a lot of ground. Tune in and benefit from the nuggets of marketing gold they regularly dispense.

10. Unthinkable – Jay Acunzo

Offering advice on the workplace, working methods, self-development, Unthinkable isn’t exactly a marketing podcast but as a marketer, you will learn some invaluable lessons you can apply in your own professional life. Topics range from “exceeding expectations” to “avoiding complacency”. Jay is a former Head of Content at HubSpot and Digital Strategist at Google so do yourself a favor and listen carefully.

11. Marketing Buzzwords – Ben M. Roberts

Digital strategist and author Ben M. Roberts offers an entertaining show packed with actionable marketing insights. Each show focuses on a specific marketing buzzword and breaks it down, helping people to understand the true meaning behind it and interviews guests where he “deep-dives’ to pick their brains on their specialist marketing topics. Each podcast last around 40-50 minutes – perfect for lunch break.

12. The Six Pixels of Separation – Mitch Joel

Mitch Joel and special guests offer actionable insights into brands, consumers and the connectedness of the world today. The variety of subject matter is astounding. Tune in to hear discussions about brand loyalty, politics, business sense, leadership, sales strategies, and more.

13. Empathize IT! – Mordecai Holtz

Mordecai Holtz advises how to bring empathy back into our marketing efforts. If you agree with Mordecai that empathy drives a lot of success in the digital economy, and even if you don’t, Empathize IT! is a fascinating listen. Hear interviews with top CEOs about how they managed to bring empathy back into the boardroom with great results.

14. Marketing Companion – Mark Schaefer and Brooke Sellas

The hosts have years of experience in the digital marketing world. Marketing Companion is fun but with solid and actionable insights all the way through. Recent episodes include topics like the ubiquitousness of marketing videos,  how company culture impacts company success and why online trolls do what they do. As it says on their website, this podcast will “turn up your marketing intellect to 11.”

15. Marketing Scoop – Laura Morelli (SEMrush)

Tune in to hear host Laura Morelli talk about the marketing news that matters, industry cases, and interview some of the keenest marketing minds on the planet. There are so many “How to” episodes here with practical, actionable advice on issues that trouble marketers every day. Recent episodes include current best practices for email marketing and what SEO can learn from CRO.

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